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    Question New to the Fly fishing thing

    I am just starting to get interested in this flyfishing capper.... A few of my mates up here in Darwin get into it..chasing Barra and Tuna

    I am looking at getting a fly rod and was hoping someone could tell me if it is worth the $$$ and all that stuff..

    It is a Reddington Nano Titanium 9weight 3 piece rod... in a wrap and with reddington alloy tube...

    $300 odd bucks.... seems like a good deal to the untrained eye.....



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    Re: New to the Fly fishing thing

    SOme comments from a yank forum on another line of reddington rods (not the one you are asking about mind you)

    Then there is this comment with a price reference in this discussion

    Hope it helps


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    Re: New to the Fly fishing thing

    Definately no expert here but that rarely stops me from sharin

    Heres my 2cents

    Bought a reddington 5 p #5 ages ago, wild rod Love it

    Reddington where taken over by Sage some time ago, so it may be a Sage rod u may be looking at

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    Re: New to the Fly fishing thing

    You may be right CC but I am fairly sure that redington are built on "Graphite USA " blanks where as Sage are on their own blanks.

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    Re: New to the Fly fishing thing

    Last I heard Graphite USA were not located in the Republic of China. Redington were not actually taken over by Sage but by Far Bank which also owns Sage and Rio.
    Far Bank are a subsiduary of Joshua Green Co, Which actually owns the lot.

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    Re: New to the Fly fishing thing

    PS Run as fast as you can in the gereral direction of a 12# TFO bluewater.


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