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Thread: Fishing For a Cause!

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    Fishing For a Cause!

    G'day fellow Ausfishers, I guess I am fishing for ideas (pardon the pun) here but I think the idea I have has definite potential to help out a good cause and give fishermen and women a good name as well in times where we are copping a bagging. The idea I am thinking of is to hold a fishing tornament possibly with all proceeds from the event to be donated to a charity of which there are many eg: Qld. Cancer Fund, SIDs, or one Steve Brown might like to help out being the Qld Heart Foundation. The event could be a tag and release comp for the big fellas like mackeral, tuna etc or we could have a local Bream competition seeing as we are coming into the right season or even a Snapper comp or combine all types of fish and have different classes for each species. Now this is only an idea but your thoughts could well make this a good event or a non-event. What do you think?



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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Thats a great idea.

    I'm surprised that something like this hasn't been done before.

    Especially if the comp had some kind of media backing/interest.


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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    I thinks it a good idea to, I'll be in..

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Well it would have to be a live weigh in (if it isn't tag and release) and then all fish released to the Bay. No, I am not losing my marbles, we release them all with media in tow, do a press release etc. showing members of fishing clubs/communities do give a rats about sustainable conservation and note this is a typical thing for us to do - release our catch!!! It could help dispell the myth that we catch bagfulls and whack em in the freezer etc. It'll also show the Bay is doing fine and doesn't need to be blocked off by greenies who don't actually own a rod & reel.

    Maybe Nugget and Steve could assist with the media stuff??

    Poodroo I think you may have snagged (pun intended) a good idea mate. If we can get something off the ground, then let me know what I can do to help.

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Top Idea Poodroo,
    The biggest thing to do would be to get the media on board. Maybe if a TV station will jump on, and show weigh-in highlights and do a half hour show for every day of a multiple day tournament. That way corporate sponsors may jump in due to exposure....Have their banners logos etc plastered around the designated weigh-in area.
    Also advertise the sponsors company/business on the official tournament website, which will be kept up to date with leading fish etc that have been weighed in.
    Don't know, a few ideas that work in the professional Golf tournamnet world.

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    how big do you want yo make it i know a lot of guys that would love a weeks fishing in QLD that fish comp down here in nsw then use come down here why not make it a state of origin it could be huge

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    I think its a great idea and I would certainly be on board. Not only does it raise funds for charities, it also lifts the name of fisher-people, and would let the public and ministers know we arent just about killing fish.

    The way to start is to emaila round to the major broadcasters in the area, and also write to some local and national fishing companies. Sponsorship would help pay for the event, give the company exposure and could provide prizes.

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Good idea Poodroo.
    When are you going to start organising the event??
    I reckon I can give some time to help.
    Better leave plenty of time as these events need a swag load of organising.
    Cheers Scott
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    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    maybe send invites out to some of the countrys fishing identities i.e steve starling or someone like that. maybe if they have a colum in a mag they may also put a note in it. i think to get it off the ground we have to commit to an idea/date/events and get it going ahead then give ourselves enough time to get sponsors/media on board and enough time for them to organise themselves. great idea aswell, might be able to call it 'fishing for a cure'

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Is it just me or can you also feel a groundswell with this???

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    A good idea..I had a similar one a while back but, and I hate to put a dampener on the idea have a fishing tournament you need public liability insurance..I looked into that and the cost was about $2000 or more (that is if you could find someone to cover you ) depending on the numbers I said..a good idea but the damn legalities these days to cover your butt make it hard to do these things.

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    well we could look at an entry fee to try and cover the insurance and then add to the chairty the left overs

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    But if yout talking sponsors that money would cover those exspenes than monies raised by entry fees,extra sponsorship and donations would go to the chosen charities. I'm sure a few ausfish members would be able to get their companies/employers on booard as sponsors.

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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    Hows it going guys
    I'm up for anything that involves fishing
    I would be there with bells on as for the entry fee i would probably waste the money elsewhere so at least it would be going to help people and i get the enjoyment of fishing its win/win


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    Re: Fishing For a Cause!

    The idea is a great idea and has been raised several times over the years. The problem always arises that there is a lot of time involved in trying to get this sort of thing off the ground. Time that no one seems to have these days.

    Poodroo if you have the time to get this going that is great, am sure myself and other members will help when and if able too. Let me know if you need any help in getting it running.

    Previous times it has been raised it has always been that someone comes up with the idea but never the time to actually do anything about it. I am sure if you get it all put together that we will have no problem in getting it promoted on the site, radio, TV, etc.

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