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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Have quite a few pics of my 82 Quintrex fishabout mkII resto in my albums.
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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    A few photos of my budget tinnie modifications.


    1-from the stern showing the bimini mounted rod holders
    2-closeup of the rod holder- conduit cable tied to the bimini support
    3-depth sounder mounted on a bracket through the rowlock bracket
    4-glove box with cup holders
    5-glove box with a volt meter, tacho/ hour run meter and one switch to turn off the charge from the outboard and one switch to turn off the battery output
    6-inside the glove box showing the battery, voltage regulator to regulate the output from the outboard to charge the battery and the back of the switches
    7-can't have too many cup holders
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    Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Great thread. I stole some great ideas off it. I just finished doing a few mods to my 5.2m quintrex dory. A bow deck to store fuel and other bits, anchor well and padded rear seats(who likes sitting on cold aluminum). One of the padded seats has a cutlery insert from a drawer to store knives/lures etc... Also a rear storage box for safety gear etc... I had a bit of ply, foam and fabric left over so I converted my eski to an additional seat.
    I'm in the process of constructing a box for all my electrical gear

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Last year I bought a TABS 435 plate tinnie with a 40hp Mercury tiller steer.
    I stripped the boat, sold the Mercury and replaced it with a 60hp 4st Suzuki Bigfoot after giving the hull a coat of paint.
    I also installed a side console unit, put in a 7" Garmin sounder and I have started replacing the carpet.

    It punches well above its weight in sloppy conditions.
    Overall, I'm really happy with the outcome.
    The old in Pic 1; the refurbished in pics 2,3,4.
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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Nearly finished my 420 explorer, bare aluminium 2 bench seats! So I gutted it and build to my plans will throw some pics up ASAP! Full casting decks, 7 ft rod locker console hydrolic steering side console hookless carpet etc etc done evrything smick

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    ive been sneakily looking at ideas on this thread for our tv show

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Great thread, this is my 4.6m Dory most of the major mods were already done when i bought itAttachment 107412Attachment 107413Attachment 107414Attachment 107415 i have just added bait tank some safety and electronic gear + carpet, haven't seen any boat collars on here yet i have to say they are a fantastic thing add stability, positive floatation, stay a bit drier, and the biggest bonus for me is that it increases the boats load carrying ability i do 100+ km runs/camping regularly so carry heaps of stuff and jerry cans etc etc. Have a 60hp 4 stroke yammie pushing it, that is a 45l nearer 50 if u fill to top fuel tank, home made bait tank which works a treat 20+ big popeyes no worries. The set up at the back works really well can easily stand up and steer with the customary pvc throttle extension and gives good access to the bait tank and motor etc.Attachment 107416Attachment 107417Attachment 107418Attachment 107419Attachment 107420

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

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