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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    tidy rig there finga, I noticed in the first pic there is a hydrofoil on the motor (may be mistaken) do you still have it fitted? or did you remove it? notice any difference if you did remove it.?

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Mate, I've removed it and put it back on.
    It does improve planning speeds slightly but I spent ages setting the motor up correctly before hand.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    some great ideas there and great use of space, post#21 pic with the sounders and the donger.. very impressive... given me a lot of food for thought... surprising what you can do with a tinnie.. wow


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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Finga that is some seriously good gear you have there. Where abouts are you can i get a quote for some work to my boat?

    Cheers Chris
    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    g`day fellas ,hers what i`ve done to my tinnie.i was thinking of getting rid of the middle seat but i was concerned with losing strenght so i decided to leave it in still ok space though.i converted a storage box into a live bait tank,it isn`t huge but it does keep bream alive all day.

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    Finga that is some seriously good gear you have there. Where abouts are you can i get a quote for some work to my boat?

    Cheers Chris
    Sorry mate. My disability doesn't allow me to do too much real quick.
    It doesn't even allow me to say what I'm going to be able to do today.
    That project took 2 months.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Finga, you should be damn proud of the job you've done. Interested to see more detail on draw under thwart.

    elliven, you raise an interesting point. "getting rid of the middle seat but i was concerned with losing strength"
    Any structural engineers out there in Ausfish community?

    My thoughts were:
    The welds [seat to hull] appear pretty light weight, and are on the sides rather than the top of the thwart.
    This lead me to think that perhaps it's not so much keeping the top sides from spreading. More about damping torque, stopping the twist. But the drive axis is pretty much centered, so it doesn't need much.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

    Talking to a bloke I work with. He told me when he used to pillage the reef as a commercial line fisher he did lots of experimenting with reconfiguring the dories, including pulling out the thwart for esky space. He said that the Booker 12's that they used, if middle seat removed, after a time, longitudinal cracks would appear.
    This would sugest to me that there is a port - stbd torque issue, rather than a bowing bow to stern.
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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    The middle seat was removed from my tinnie by previos owner, i thing he added welds for strength ?? not sure i will find out.

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    g`day fellas,
    Finga i`m in the same boat as you ,pardon the pun, with my disability,it took me ages to finish my boat even with the little work that i did.i can only chase the fish when well

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Both the seats in my boat are removed, there is a lot of stringers to support the floor , and strengthen the hull.

    I wouldn't go removing the seats without doing something to strengthen the sides.

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Thanks Mini 696.
    Still thinking about it, but I'm not going to weld bits in any where, I need to think about where the support is needed.

    Finga: the shelf under the seat, simple slide - or draw rollers?
    Do you lock it in with a bungy/ bolt /or latch or does friction hold it in place?

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Simple slider that has a raised lip at the front of the fixed bit under the seat so that the draw drops down a tad when closed and then gravity pretty well stops it from coming open.
    Simple and effective.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Here's my tinnie. Have just redone the floor and put in a live well underfloor. Have also added plumbing for an esky/livewell and deck wash. Still have a few bits to tidy up after it has had a test run.


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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Now that's a flash one.,
    Well done on the decor matey
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Tinnie Setups/Layouts/Modifications

    Geeezz!! Finga.
    The only thing you left out was the kitchen sink.................I think....
    Nice work mate. I hope you don't mind if I copy that radio box. I'm a sheety myself but lack imagination.
    Unfortunatly I also have a disabilty that slows my job . (no offence intended)



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