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    $350 Budget Which sounder?

    I want to uprade from my basic Eagle Cuda 168 sounder and have $350 to spend. Boat is 4.1 tinny used for estuary and bay (Hervey Bay). So which sounder. Thanks for your replies . Winston.

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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    I suggest the Lowrance X52,
    im no too sure how good it is for value for money, as i got it standard with my boat.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    Hows it going mate
    The Furuno LS4100 is another good choice i even think someone is selling a LS6100 on the site but these are great monochrome sounders with dual frequency transducers


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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    mate i would go to BCF & see if they have any of the Humminbird Matrix 17 left for $330 great bang for buck sounder & you can also get the GPS cable later on if you like(extra $200)? If not just save other $70 & get the Humminbird 717 which is newer model of the matrix 17 only different is that it is 16 grey scale instead of 12. I run 717 on the rear & the Matrix 17 on the electric they do a top job..

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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    There is a furuno LS6100 for sale in the electronics section for $400.These are great units and are good value for money.The furuno gear is pretty much bullet proof.

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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    Buy Cougarman's 6100. It may be a bit big for that style of boat but having had its smaller brother the 4100 that is a great buy

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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    Its not my sounder thats for sale i just saw it in the for sale section.I agree its not a bad buy.

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    Re: $350 Budget Which sounder?

    Thanks for your replies, I bought a Humminbird matrix 17 from BCF (online) for $364 delivered. It should arrive in the next couple of days, i will let you know of my thoughts. Cheers Winston.

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