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Thread: Toyota Hilux Surf Engine

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    Toyota Hilux Surf Engine

    Hi all,
    My dreaded '91 2.4 Turbo Diesel Surf has died, a standard problem so they tell me!!! Down in compression in number 4 and starting to die in number 3 cylinder- So I have a few options and was wondering what you guys would do in the same situation!!.
    I only use the car to tow my boat, 1.5 tonne, as I have my company car so it doesn't get used much. I will be upgrading to a slightly bigger boat probably next year so I have a few options: a) Put a brand new 2.4 L engine back in the girl ($3000) b) Put a 2.8 L reconditioned engine into her if that is possible ($3500). I wonder if anyone has some info regarding this c) Trade her in for F- all and buy another car eg second hand GXL (cost probably $9000 with a $3000 trade in. d) Fix her sell her privately for $8000 with a new donk and then upgrade, cost $7000 or e) which is not an option due to my morals, sell her as is to someone for $6000 and say she's a great rig!!!!.
    As you can see I have a few optionis but Surfs have a bad reputation so I have found out due to their undersized oil sump so I desperately need some info so I don't spend all my fishing money for the year for no return...... any info or advice would be greatly appreciated....................... and what are the chances the weather is crap for a long weekend.......... bloody mother nature!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Toyota Hilux Surf Engine

    I'll warn you now... you won't get $3k trade in for a Surf with a stuffed motor... there are that many of them around, that nobody wants the broken ones.

    Your best bet is to swap to a 2.8 and use your existing turbo and manifold off it. Fit a boost compensator and you have a stronger motor, with that extra power. If the rest of the car is clean then keep it.

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    Re: Toyota Hilux Surf Engine

    H,Surfs are a a dime a dozen so you wouldnt get much as a tradein.the 2.8l should bolt straight in using all your old mounts /brackets for a/c,pwr steer,alt and turbo.The only thing is the 2.8l also has the too small a sump problem.The cheapest way out would be to rebuild your engine as you have a company car.Crankgrind,rebore,you probably wouldnt even need the head doing.The most probable cause of no.s 3&4 going is usually the jap spec head(not designed for aussie conds)just dont let them get hot
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    Re: Toyota Hilux Surf Engine

    Spent $3k on mine and it still wanted to overheat, so I traded it on a $46k Prado and got $4k for it in great condition, apart from a warm motor.
    They dont pull many bucks mate.

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