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Thread: More Japan trip

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    Re: More Japan trip

    mate im surprised that they make dresses that big

    the yellow stuff is sea urchin roe very popular in aus but i have never been game to try it

    great pics and great storys



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    Re: More Japan trip

    I have loved your pictures and your tales of your trip and if you have more would like to see and hear about them. I have a thing about Asian countries and the people as you said they are really friendly, but to experience this with a local family would be priceless. You have been very lucky.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Holy Moley Mooksy,

    If my father in law got out his sword, I reckon I'd be out the door quick smart!

    Good luck,

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    Re: More Japan trip

    I did get a few pics of bonsais actually sarg. I didn't know they occured naturally in the wild so readily. This one was hanging off a rock over the Sea of Japan. The cement blocks below are called tetrapotto by the Japanese and they use these on the shoreline to limit erosion. I find the name too similar to Tetrus which if you don't know is a video game where lots of odd shaped blocks keep falling and you have to arange them to fit together before they hit the bottom.

    Next one is a bit blurry I'm afraid but is of a temple that had dozens of man made bonsais in pots on display. Very cool but I wasn't really into the photography mode at that stage.

    The third one is just a pic I like at the biggest Buddhist temple in Japan, Eiheiji, of a pretty pond with Buddha in a boat and a big frog. We went there for Teri's grandma's funeral and it was an awesome and tranquil place. It turns out that the Japanese buddhists think the bone in your throat is the most sacred bone in the body and they remove it before cremation. Three years later the major funeral ceremony takes place, which we went to. I asked about this throat bone and nobody in the family knew where it ended up so mum asked a young bald monk after the ceremony and he directed her to the little buildings in the fourth pic. They are supposedly filled to the roof with throat bones. After a few years they are moved to another building higher up the mountain in the rainforest. Don't ask me why, I just found it awesome.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Quote Originally Posted by -Henno- View Post
    Another pic of the tidy long boats. A long shot down the aisle of the fish market.

    An interesting guy on holiday in a campervan drying fish. I have another pic of this as I was walking away I noticed a businessman in a suit peering into his fish drying baskets who also found it interesting.

    Lastly me in a yukata, supplied by the hotel. It's a cultural thing ok? I know I look like a dick but you have to do these things. Come on, if you can eat raw fish entrails this is easy. I could walk around in the hotel in this gear with my little plastic slippers and nobody batted an eye. Not like you bastards that are now going to rib me mercilessly. Go on do ya worst. I think I look great.

    I think for one of us generously proportioned male super models you look great. I certainly hope I look as fetching in the Fijian sulu I like to wear around the house. I am concerned that the animal liberationists will one day drown me trying to get me into the pool


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    Re: More Japan trip

    Thanks heaps for the photos and the explanatory blurbs. It really helps to give a bit of insight to the culture. Well done.


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    Re: More Japan trip

    Great photo's keep them coming. thank you

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Fantastic thread Henno, thanks for taking the time and sharing your experiences.
    Man, that food sure looks good!

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Yeh Henno
    Next time ya go over you want to take a little stove over with ya so you can cook some of that great lookin sea food


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