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Thread: More Japan trip

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    More Japan trip

    It looked like people were enjoying my other post and pics so I thought I'd put up a few more but they were straying from the Osaka aquarium visit theme so here goes.

    First one is of a little commercial fleet pulled up a ramp outside a hotel we stayed at overlooking the Sea of Japan. You could eat off these boats, they were immaculate. There is a holding pen behind and to the left of them where they keep their catch alive until ready to transport. Unfortunately I could not get in there to take a pic

    Next one is an immaculate boat. Then one of slimey mackerel or something bloody close to it smoked and bbq'd for sale at the fish market. The last one is rock fishing Japanese style. I had to snap this one on the way between the hotel with the view and the fish market. It appears you pay money for a rock and get dropped out there for the day by boat. They also have pontoons you can get dropped out onto as well. I told my in laws that rock fishing in Australia is usually done from rocks that are attached to the mainland. Oh yeah, this was right outside a nuclear power plant. I didn't see any fish with 3 eyes being caught though, no.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    A few more and I'll promise I'll lay off.

    Kingfish for sale in Japan. Some kind of mackerel. Who says the Japanese don't have a sense of humour? The dried squid looking like an alien has a sign which says 'I do not talk' next to him.

    Lastly an entire snapper sashimi boat with raw prawns on the bow and wasabi on the stern. It was delish!
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    Re: More Japan trip

    Don't stop the pictures matey.
    They're all eye openers for (at least) me.
    That boat would be a nice bay boat I reckon.
    Probably a good place to fish outside the power plant. I remember we used to catch heaps of fish in the river when I worked at Koolkan power station at Grafton. It must be something about all the warm water or something
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    Re: More Japan trip

    Man is that one UGLY looking squid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: More Japan trip

    Squid? I thought it was some sort of shovelli cut and layed into this wee beasty. Ugly bastard tho.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: More Japan trip

    If you ask for more photos I'll keep putting them up I suppose.

    First one is of something my wife calls shako, big prawny things with their arms up the front. They are on the tray at the back and the front tray is sea urchin. Looks like yellow guts. Yummy though.

    Next one is Teri's mums family hamming it up for the camera in a seafood only sushi joint inside the fish market. The Japanese are so into food that they get visibly excited when talking about it and almost wet themselves when they are at a top notch place.

    The 3rd one doesn't look like much but it's a full plastic display of the food available in a top place called Otaru Beer No1. These displays are outside a lot of places and are amazing. I had seen some before outside sushi places on the gold coast but these ones leave them for dead. You find your mouth watering at a plastic model they are so realistic.

    The last one is a bit of a story. I happened to mention to my father-in-law that I was interested in Japanese swords. My wife translated and kind of went quiet. We had done a bit of research before coming over to try and track down some old swords and maybe even go to a swordsmith to see some being made but it turns out to be a bit of a secret society over here. My wife said 'Dad says he has one upstairs but doesn't know whether you wanna see it coz it's only 400 years old.'

    I said 'Oh what a shame, tell him not to worry about it'. yeah pigs arse I did!

    He then got out this beautifully organised little oiling/polishing kit and gave it a tidy up. I was then given the honour of removing the pin and exposing the blade handle. I had done this one a few WW2 models I had the priveledge of mucking with in Aus. He was pretty impressed that I knew how to remove it. It exposed the 400 year old signature of a well known swordsmith. I had never seen one with a signature before. The WW2 smiths were punching them out en masse and didn't bother signing them.

    This makes this one worth over $20,000 supposedly. Days like that don't happen to me very often in Agnes.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    It would be absolutely amasing to see that sword...let alone handle it.
    That's one thing I've admired/respected about the traditional Japanese culture...the craftsmanship
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    Re: More Japan trip

    looks like a had a excperiance of a life time could u by that squid like jerky or is it just a ornament
    cheers nath

    How ya living?

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Removing the bamboo pin. Exposing the tang. Dad explaining the signature's relevance.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    yeah you could buy it jerky barkers. It was bloody chewy though, I thought my teeth were gunna crack. The funny one pictured though is not an example of that food though. Above that stall were about 50 or 60 dried squid to advertise what they sold that I didn't get a pic of. Bloody waste of good calamari considering how good they are at plastic replicas.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    [quote=finga;631390]Don't stop the pictures matey.
    They're all eye openers for (at least) me.

    Please keep the photos coming.I am also enjoying them and the tales of your Japanese adventure.
    It really is a fascinating culture and I think you are very fortunate to be able to experience it from a family(local)perspective rather than that of just a tourist.


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    Re: More Japan trip

    that squid must taste pretty sh.thouse if they haven,t eaten it. the eat everything else. great pics. bob h

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Another pic of the tidy long boats. A long shot down the aisle of the fish market.

    An interesting guy on holiday in a campervan drying fish. I have another pic of this as I was walking away I noticed a businessman in a suit peering into his fish drying baskets who also found it interesting.

    Lastly me in a yukata, supplied by the hotel. It's a cultural thing ok? I know I look like a dick but you have to do these things. Come on, if you can eat raw fish entrails this is easy. I could walk around in the hotel in this gear with my little plastic slippers and nobody batted an eye. Not like you bastards that are now going to rib me mercilessly. Go on do ya worst. I think I look great.

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    Re: More Japan trip

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. The snapper sashimi boat looks tasty and that squid is ugly . It would have been a privilege to hold and help clean that sword, and one made and signed by a famous swordsmith can fetch closer to the 100 grand mark . Did you see any good Bonsai trees maybe a photo.

    Very jealous apart from Africa thats one place I difinitely want to go too.


    PS Can you speak Japanese?
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    Re: More Japan trip

    Great pics of what looks to be a great trip! Thanks for posting them up for us themooks. It's cool to see far away places and to read stories about them. That sword ........WOW! "Only 400 years old" That thing is older than my country and looks to have been kept in better shape. Unreal!

    Great posts, and you even get bonus points for sheer bravery for posting a pic of yourself in that yukata. Toshiro Mifune's got nothing on you. Just hold that sword in the pic and you'd be all set to play the lead role if they ever do a remake of "Yojimbo."

    I'm going to show this thread to my brother, he'll love it. He's been studying all things Japanese for ages.

    Thanks again themooks, VERY neato!

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