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    Angry Stolen Engel Fridge

    Stolen from vehicle on saturday Night 02/06/07 @ the Alberton boat ramp between the hours of 18.30 - 21.30
    1 x 80 ltr stainless steel engel model ss80f
    Bastards trashed my car , smashed lh front window took everything that wasn't nailed down but my fridge thats really important if anyone sees a fridge matching that description with all the associated wiring , as they cut the wiring from car aswell pls send me a pm ..................

    would love to catch some of these people & organise a M&B "meet & beat"
    I reckon there would be more than a couple of ausfisher out there who could organise a little offshore expedition ..................... Mal

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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    Hows it going mate
    Thats absolutely disgusting ill bring the rope and bessa blocks unless you would prefer to use them as burly

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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    man that just SUX, that is below the belt......... sorry to here that .. i know it wont make you feel better, but every DOG has its day, hope you get em good


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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    Really makes one as mad as hell when that happens. If the can put cameras in the bush along the road side to catch illegal dumpers then why the heck can't they install some at some of the more well used boat ramps?? Might help a little but sure is a lot better then what is there now.

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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    Why do some people believe they have the righ to take something thats not theirs. Like the world owes them " i had a tough childhood, etc etc etc.........

    Then the law saps them on the hand and lets them go to do the same thing time and time again.

    Lock em up long time I say.................... or leave them in a room with their victims for 5 minutes,,,,,,,,,,thats the ebst sentence i reckon..... i am a great believer in an eye for an eye.............................


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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    Sorry to hear that you had your stuff stolen. i will keep my eyes open. You never know when these things can just turn up.
    As for the rope and bessar block-thats a bit harsh. Mybe just chop there fingures off, that way they they caren't grab anything
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Stolen Engel Fridge

    Quote Originally Posted by -spiro- View Post
    As for the rope and bessar block-thats a bit harsh. Mybe just chop there fingures off, that way they they caren't grab anything
    Knowing Cruiser93 like i do Spiro, the rope and Besser block bit is actually pretty light on - he usually gets pretty cranky about stuff like this
    Hope someone can help turn this gear up as this style of Engel is unavailable now. Look forward to the "meet & beat".
    "Mystique" Haines Signature 580BR with 175 of Mr Suzuki's finest ponies

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