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    My visit to Osaka aquarium

    Hey guys.

    Just got back from Japan with the missus and had a ball. If you like seafood, beer, nice people and good manners book a flight, the place rocks.

    We packed a fair bit into two weeks and I have put on 5 kilos. Did I mention the beer and food?

    Here are a few picks of Kaiyukan in Osaka. For those of you that haven't seen every episode of Rex on pay tv a hundred times like I have it is a bloody big aquarium in Osaka and as far as I know the only one with a captive whale shark. On Rex's subsidised trip to Japan Steve Starling did a bit on it.

    When we got there it was just before the whale shark feeding time so we had to bolt past a lot of stuff to see that. The main tank is amazing. So many permit and other trevallies. The whale shark and manta just had me mesmerised. We then went back to look at everything I missed and I'm afraid I kind of let the team down with the pics I'm afraid. One of my favourites (and from memory also Starlo's) was the Equador rainforest section. They had loads of massive pirarucu and arowana in it. Well over a metre long. The look like close but ancient relatives to barra and saratoga. The sunfish was cool as well as I have never seen one of these in the flesh.

    Hope you enjoy the pics. The giant spider crab stood about waste high and yes you can eat them. The last one is not exactly fish related but I am wearing and Agnes M&G shirt!

    I have also posted in the fresh water section if anybody is interested in my day at a fresh water lake where I went bassing. Oh yeah, there was food and alcohol involved in that too.

    Henno san

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    That Whale Shark would have been awesome to see. You could watch for hours and get a good look at how other fish interact with each other. Way cool.

    Avast ye matey!

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    Would of been a good trip that one!
    It's hard to believe they have a captive Whale Shark.

    Is it only a baby or is it fully grown?

    Cheers, Jeff.

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    Waist high crab....gees you'd have to watch those nippers wouldn't you.
    Just imagine if they got the family jewels. Would it be or or .
    Was there any in the trip by any chance??
    Good to see you both home again
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    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    all ive heard is awesome things about that place, did you go to the fish markets aswell (saw it on rex's trip aswell) it will be one of those things ill have to do in the future

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    What a trip! Thanks for sharing. That tank with the whale shark must be enormous! Did you take any pics of the arowanas?


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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    good stuff mark/teri
    an extra 5kgs eh
    does this mean i get the 9'6" mal in the shed??
    and you go to 10ft
    cheers brian

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    The whale shark is still fairly young I think. They did have two whale sharks but I believe the adult got sick and they took it away to live on a farm somewhere if you get my drift.

    We didn't get to the Osaka fish markets although it was on my list. It turns out though that there are fish markets like that for the restaurants and other ones that are still huge for the masses.

    One a trip up to the sea of Japan we stopped at one of these with Teri's mum's parents after going to grandma's buddhist funeral, long story. At every stall you are told that everything is 'Oishi' delicious and offered a free sample, except for the crab stalls unfortunately. Crabs were actually out of season but still there and still expensive. Mumma san bought us some after a big haggle and we had them with massive scallops and raw prawns. I actually developed a taste for raw prawns, they are very sweet and tender, so are raw scallops actually. The attached pics are of my wife, sister in law, and there famous beautiful cousin who does tv spots in Tokyo, she has the white hat on. They are pigging out on dried squid. The big crab is worth about $180. The lady with the peace sign is selling marinated squid guts, which was quite yummy believe it or not.

    As for the beer finga, I am fairly heavily into homebrewing now and am a regular on The guys there put me onto some amazing places that are a story in themselves. Some in Osaka and a couple up north on the island of Hokkaido. The one with the beer attached is at a place in Osaka that specialised in German and Belgian beer.

    You are most welcome to borrow the 9'6" any time you are up Brian. I intend to be on a new 8'4" soon excess kilos will be shed after a few weeks back on the roofes.


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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    Good read Henno. I'm off to Osaka in early August myself. Going to visit our daughter who lives over there. I'll certainly check out the aquarium now. Along with the beer and food of course.

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    That'll explain why Agnes has been so quite.....

    Sounds like the trip was everything you wanted it to be. Mateeee raw prawns, raw scallops............. marinated squid guts...... OH boy......

    Are you and Teri in the new house yet ?

    OH, nice shirt

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    that crab looks straight out of 'war of the worlds'

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    How many beers does it take before you are able to eat squid guts???


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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    must be a bloody big tank to hold that.

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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    No Phil we aren't in a house yet. We are still negotiating. The food is brilliant and the way they prepare and present it makes it a lot better than it sounds. I have tried some pretty strange stuff in my travels to India, Indo, Thailand and now Japan. Gotta have an open mind mate and give it a go. Oh yeah, being pissed helps get it down as well. Believe it or not the stuff I couldn't stomach was the breakfasts. Traditionally they have cooked and smoked fish and rice and miso soups and stuff. With a hangover I wanted coffee and toast.

    NormC. I have a couple of addresses that you would love if you like sampling different beer and going a bit off the normal tourist track. My pub crawl in Osaka was unreal. if your interested or feel free to pm me. Attached is a pic of Beer Belly1. There is also a Beer Belly2 now as well. Dolphin, Q Brick and Doll Dress are a must as well.

    The other pic is two black bream for $24.
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    Re: My visit to Osaka aquarium

    Wessel. I actually ate squid guts sober. Admittedly I only thought it was raw marinated squid. My wife told me later when I was not sober. "Oh well" I said.

    The tank is in the centre of the building and the viewing areas spiral down and around it for 4 or 5 stories. All the other displays are on the outside. The dolphin tank can be seen from three different levels. When you get to the bottom level there are stats of the depth and the amount of tonnage of water above you and you don't want that glass to break then. You can look up at the viewing windows of other people above you and see the people way up the top looking in. It's pretty big.

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