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Thread: GMC sierra?

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    GMC sierra?

    Probably not the best place to ask BUT,
    Anyone been in one or know of anyone with one? Were looking at the 2500LT with 6.6 litre TD with 5 speed auto tranny.

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    Re: GMC sierra?

    I get the Diesel Power magazine from the states, and you rarely read much about them being bad. Aside from the IFS, but shouldnt be a huge issue. And you can get 500+hp outta them without much trouble, jeez i wish i could get that outta my Patrol :/

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    Re: GMC sierra?

    i have a gmc sierra 2500 with the duramax 6.6l . Mine is a long bed crewcab and is the 2003 model .
    Just had the injectors done 2 weeks ago and is not cheap . I think the 04 and up haven't had the same probs with the injectors .
    I tow 4 tonne often (bobcat) , and with the tow haul mode it works a treat . They are a heavy wagon at about 3.5 tonne empty but get up and boogy well .
    This is my 3rd chev and the alison 5 speed auto is much better than my last 4 speed (which i had to rebuild)
    I have had mine on the beach and it went fine just not a lot of clearance as the chassis are low and very heavy duty (which is a good thing, the heavy duty bit anyway) .When i did the injectors i also got the banks performance package put on which boosts it up to 400hp ( you can never have too much hp ) So if you see me on the road , get out of my way

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    Re: GMC sierra?

    Hercules how many Kms did you do before you had to replace the injectors?

    We just brought an 03 2500lt with a 6.6lt duramax crew cab, full leather, power chip, 20 in chromes etc it also has the 5 speed allison auto. It's going to tow a 4.5 tonne boat.


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    Re: GMC sierra?

    mine started to blow smoke at 160,000 and i replaced them at 180,000 . There is no particular time that they go , they may not go at all , just the luck of the draw . It is certainly the truck for towing . I'm 8 tonne on the road all up and it gets up toowoomba range no worries and will lose traction if i want it to .
    Any other questions i'll help out if i can

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    Re: GMC sierra?

    Yeah one more mate,

    where did you get your tow pack from? looks like we may have to get one custom built.


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    Re: GMC sierra?

    i have a hayman reese set up with a pintle hook that slides in and swap it when towing the boat . It came with the truck and from memory it has been modified . You will probably have to do the same as the back of the springs stop you from getting the last bolts in the chassis on the hayman reese ( i didn't realise it had been modified untill a towbar guy mentioned it to me ).
    It may be different on a shortbed ?

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    Re: GMC sierra?

    Yeah not sure mate. Cheers you've been helpful!

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