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Thread: Winch at Aldi

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    Winch at Aldi

    Hi Guys

    This may interest those thinking about a winch for the 4wd or cheaper than a 912 for the trailer too?

    Single line pull 4,300kg, wireless hand control, 5hp 4 kw motor, series wound , gear ratio 265:1, 28 m 8.3 mm cable,
    3 yr warranty $599 available Thurs 6th June at Aldai


    PS Unfortunately I don't own Aldi so I don't get a cut!
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    Re: Winch at Aldi

    Just as well you would have a cut of the warranty claims as well cheers

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    Re: Winch at Aldi

    Being that you can get a proper winch 9000kg for around a grand i'm thinking this aldi is a waste of time unless you own a suki.


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    Re: Winch at Aldi

    Yer i wouldnt expect to much from it, I'll stick to my Warn winch I think.

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    Re: Winch at Aldi

    How does it pull " underwater "??????

    Might have to mount my winch on the roof...............

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