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    Whats Happening?


    Well... I'm trying to figure out whats going on here..... and If i'm right, I don't want to know about it.

    I have a '01 rodeo 4x4 with the 2.8 Turbo Diesel in the front end.

    Last thursday I was packing the ute and had it running for about 10mins warming up, nothing unusual just idleing away. I jumped in and headed for the gate to go to work and all I got was nothing.... accellerator down and no power at all and then a stall, truck wouldn't start at all after that.

    Called the RACQ out and no worries.... he primed the fuel back up to the injectors and kicked her over and it's been running great ever since.

    He checked the sump oil and it was way overfull, about a litre. I mentioned it had a service recently and there was a possibility of overfilling the sump oil.

    The RACQ bloke checked the oil for any smell of diesel and to see if it was losing its viscosity....... nothing wrong with it apart from totally overfull.

    Yesterday I drained some oil out of the engine and filled it to correct capacity.... checked the oil level this morning and it had slowly risen.

    The RACQ guy mentioned there may be a bad seal in the injector pump and that diesel fuel may be dripping and filling up the sump.

    Is this possible and if so.... does it man an automatic rebuild of the injctor pump (I hope not)

    Your thoughts??


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    Re: Whats Happening?

    From what you have said i would also think a seal has gone in the pump.(from memory these motors have an sump oil lubed injector pump)
    So yes its possible.
    But i dont think you have to get the whole thing overhauled just resealed. (unless they find something worn out)
    If you have drained some oil out to get it back to being level and now its filling back up again dont drive it to far as the diesel to oil ratio is slowing getting closer to more diesel and thats not good.

    The only other thing that can riase your sump level is water, How is the radiator level? Not your over flow as in can tell lies.

    hope this helps

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    Re: Whats Happening?

    Gday blackended,
    If your sump was overfull it just means that your crank will be slapping the oil, not good but really nothing bad can come of it. When your engine is warm (running temperature) and you check it. It will show less oil than when its cold due to the draining of oil back into your sump. Is this the case or is it much much more full than before? You would know if there was diesel in your oil it would be like off milf all chunky and stink really bad like diff oil. Apart from that. Did the racq guy show you the manual hand primer on your engine. Thats all you need to do if you ever need it again (poor racq guy ..)

    But.. there could be a bad seal somewhere and that is why your diesel pump lost pressure in the first place letting air in. But if its running fine then just swing it past a diesel mechanic when you get a chance he will check it in no time flat and know exactly whats wrong if anything, even readjust your throttle positioning to make sure your using the injectors to full etc..

    Maybe it could have even been your waste gate stuck open! So it idles fine (no boost) and when you accelerate it bogs down due to bad mix and stall. Was there lots of smoke out the exhaust on the restart?

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    Re: Whats Happening?


    There was a little bit of smoke on the restart....... nothing too bad though.

    I have been checking the oil levels when the engine has been stopped for a few minutes each time at the very least.

    I did know about the manual hand primer.... found it on the old hilux often enough but with this new truck for me, I dont relaly wanna be the backyard mechanic I had to be with the hilux, so didn't look too hard for it either.

    Thanks neil for your input, I am aware of the diesel-oil raio and will keep a close eye on it in the comming days,

    Its definatly not water in the oil, the oil is the usual diesel engine jet black and its a consistant viscosity.

    Any other ideas?


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    Re: Whats Happening?


    Ben.. how and why does the wastegate get stuck open?


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    Re: Whats Happening?

    Blackened, If there really is diesel in there as said above you will know on first inspection if enough did in fact find it's way in. (you oil pressure will drop also)

    What is the bet that when you checked the oil after your second refill you did it early after shutdown before that thick cold oil had time to trickle back down to the sump (just as the service tech did) from all the upper gallerys tappets etc, then you added more oil again which in effect overfills it. All just assumptions of coarse.

    If you do take it further, before you pay someone big dollars to start pulling bits get an oil analysis done (for less than a $50) and specify diesel contamination as the main criteria, all of the petroleum company's do them, you will know for sure, even a 1% contamination will be easy for them to assay. Then you can put it to bed.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Whats Happening?

    im not exactly sure why the waste gate gets stuck open but it has happened a few times to my mates engines. But they are late model petrol engines (rexies etc..) and the computer is good enough to lean out the mix enough for them to drive to a machanic, but it has no guts at all and hardly goes at all aswell!!!! Im not sure what comp your diesel has if any at all (sorry not up with rodeo's) . I know most of the adjustments are on the diesel pump itself aswell. Was just a thought that made sence to me. If it happens again give it tap and see if that fixes it, then you will know forsure!!!

    Where your turbo is on the exhaust manifold. There is a tube running to what looks like a disk with a half round dome on it. Thats your waste gate... And also thats the tube you want to put your boost control valve on aswell if you ever wanted to up your boost for more power. (the arrows on the boost valve point towards the waste gate)

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    Re: Whats Happening?

    sounds like the diesel fuel pump if infact its sump lubricated.
    that would also explain the stallage maybe if the lines are getting air in them
    dont know how much to fix maybe get a diesel mechanic to check it out mate

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    Re: Whats Happening?


    I have been checking the sump oil each morning after it standing cold overnight.

    There has been no movement with the amount of oil in the sump, nor has the quality changed.


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    Re: Whats Happening?

    Sounds all good then mate. Hopefully it never happens again. But swing it passed a diesel machanic anyway when you have a free day. Cant hurt.

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