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Thread: New Pathfinders

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    New Pathfinders

    Hey all, I'm having a serious look at the new Nissan Pathfinder and was interested in hearing of any opinions (good,bad or indifferent) of the vehicle before I committed. I would be moving up from my ST-R navara which has served me well over the last 5 years. From what I'm lead to believe it is essentially the same as the navara's but with the back built in with extra seats etc. instead of a tray. I found some motoring reviews which were fairly inconclusive only mentioning road/engine noise as a potential issue.



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    Re: New Pathfinders

    Try the pathfinder owners club at for some opinion, probably biased I have an older one (R50) which has been good. I can't vouch for the new ones as they are a very different car to the older ones. Possibly not as capable off-road but much bigger if you need some space.

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    Re: New Pathfinders

    Overlander (Feb 07, p 96) did an upgrade of the current model Pathy if you haven't allready read it. Mainly suspension upgrades etc. FYI.


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