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    Popping the 4WD cherry

    OK everyone I would like to hear what people with more knowledge than me can tell me.

    I decided that it's time to quit towing the boat around with a sedan a get my first 4WD. I want to spend between $15-$20K and I would like a turbo diesel. To me, the object would be to get a Landcruiser (although I'm guessing these may be more expensive) but I have seen some Patrol Tdi's. I want something that is serious and could be taken on beaches or bad tracks (as a means of getting to a fishing spot) but would also like something that will be comfortable to get around during my dismally mundane regular life.

    So, at this point please throw in your 2 cents on the matter and tell me whether these sound like option or a terrble idea.

    Thanks Josh

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Mate you can't go wrong with your choices so far.
    Pajero might be a bit more comfortable, and economical, for the regular mundane driving though.

    Don't expect any re-sale value with a Mitsubishi though.
    But that's an advantage when you buy one, gain one end lose the other.

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Gq or gu patrol,steer clear of the 2.8 or 3 litre models,the 80 series landcruiser are also a good car,even a landrover discovery arent to bad,id try and steer clear of anything with an independent front end.Best of luck.

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    I have a GQ 4.2 that I turboed. Touch wood, no problems at all.

    Got it as it had 4 wheel coils so great on road and off and comfortable for the family.

    If you turbo one fit a timer and an oil cooler. The motor in the 4.2 is built to have a turbo so no probs there Suggest you keep the boost to 7 or 8 psi last for years and no probs. Gearbox is heavy and 5 gears with hi lo gives you plenty. I tow on the rd in fifth with cruise control On steep hill i go off cruise and f=drop to 4

    Steered away from the Land Cruiser as they had a weaker gearbox (this is in the GQ period so no sure now) Our workshop was constantly repairing LC boxes but no trouble with Patrol.

    If you can find a 4.2 diesel non turbo you should be able to get it and fit a Denco turbo kit with your budget. I fitted one of theirs years ago and they are good. The 4.2 is not being sold anymore so they will only go up in price as they become more sought after. Nice to not do $ on what you buy for a change.

    Dont know where you are but probably worth checking out the bush rather than coast for salt free units whatever you buy.

    Turbo site;

    I think the comments re Paj is also correct

    Good luck

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    No complaints from me for having a Pajero. Sure the resale value isn't that crash hot but why would I want to sell it? The car has done nearly 370,000 klms on the original engine and still not showing signs of getting tired. Only work done to it is normal services. I have done some pretty challenging offroad in it as well. It drives comfortably and does all I need it to and am sure one will serve you well also. Here's a pic of it in action. (And no I didn't get stuck, it climbed out on its own.)

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Gday flairj,
    If i where you id be going the 80 series GXL foresure with that budget as its a great allround truck. The 80 series cruiser turbo diesel is much much faster than the gq patrol turbo diesel. Money you dont have to spend. And for everyday driving this will be a big factor. And personally i like the interior better aswell. As for the gearboxes, they are fine just drop it back to 4th or less when coming to a hill or incline (when towing). But stay away from the 94 models as they have an oil gearbox drain system and if you dont keep checking it. It clogs and your gearbox blows up. They fixed this in the later models 95 and up. I have seen some for $12000 and for $2000 ($2500 for the full upgrade, diconectable sway bar pins etc..) you can get your suspension upgrade and then maybe just some decent tyres. And basically your away. Good for what ever mild 4x4ing you want to do. It will drink a little more being a constant 4 wheel drive and spinning the front shaft but not much more. With the extra dollars can spend it on what eva you like dual batteries built in compressor, fishing gear what eva...

    PS. laugh, nice suspension travel there poodroo . Have you taken out your bumpstops yet in the front IFS? It doesnt look like you have...
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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Here are some helpful pics. First is my old 75 series race truck and leafspring suspension. And my new patrols suspension upgrade. Look at the travel the 5 link rear easily gets. The front i still have to tinker with... Shock highs adjustment and travel and modify my gearbox cross member as the front drive shaft lays on it. And a freinds old 80 series race truck with a massive suspension lift.

    Gotta love having live axles...
    BD. the 80 series has basically the same suspension as mine apart from a centre mounted rear diff. Which i think is landcruisers biggest problem spitting diffs when having high horse power and big 35 inch tyres.
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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Hi Poodroo, did you spill any drinks in that last Piccy.

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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Quote Originally Posted by Roughasguts View Post
    Hi Poodroo, did you spill any drinks in that last Piccy.
    Lol. No but strangely enough all my passengers decided to bail out on me.


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    Re: Popping the 4WD cherry

    Thanks for the info guys, it will help me a lot


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