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    Talking Spanner crab pots

    Anyone have or know someone that makes spanner crab pots. I know of one place at Redcliffe[crab'n'gear]
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Spanner crab pots

    looks like you will be getting them from that place!

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    Re: Spanner crab pots

    i dident even know that made particular pots for them?

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    Re: Spanner crab pots

    yes indeedy they do, not at all what your regular "dilly" looks like, just a flat square and some netting/wire on top, and a small bait "bag"

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    Re: Spanner crab pots

    Anybody seen the net replacements you used to be able to get that were like a sock you could slip over the frame can't seem to find them anymore.

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