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    Smile Cobes

    Is anyone getting the cobes around at the moment ? They seem to be all over the place, or am I just flukey....

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    Re: Cobes

    nice fish mate

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    Re: Cobes

    nice fish where did you get that monster from

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    Re: Cobes

    I am sitting here sobbing....nice bloody fish.....its been blowing and blowing and there is no end in sight to it....Some times i wish i could move to the eastern seaboard....

    Cheers Mick

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    Re: Cobes

    They are being caught all over the bay and close in outside, caught in the rouse channel , Amity, boat rock - find the bait and the bigger arches are these rats... must be all the little crabs around at present?????Sorry to hear about the wind Mick - not rubbing it in but we have had glass days for the last 3 week ends, lots of people say the bite is slow but ????

    What ever......

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    Re: Cobes

    here's one I recently caught

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    Re: Cobes

    See what I mean......

    Now that's a Cobe.........

    R E S P E C T
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    Re: Cobes

    Thats not a COBE... that is a Prehistoric Cobasaurus.


    I'd need some serious Physio after that.

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    Re: Cobes

    fantastic fish mate


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    Re: Cobes

    Wow! you could probably stick your head in its mouth?

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    Re: Cobes

    I want 1. Wot bay r u fishn?

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