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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    Hi Kev - I know u have been an avid member here for a long time - before u come to Tokyo, send me a PM and I will take u the the best places and teach u how to get the best price - BTW - I had no idea u had japanese wife - If i told you they are all "okashi" would u know what i meant?

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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    Hi Raefpud,

    Actually OKASHII means strange..........and yes she is a little strange, however, OKASHI means sweet................and she is certainly that too. He!he!

    Do you live in Tokyo??
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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    Re the $200 price difference:

    I bought both a stella and a saltiga in Japan and yes the Stella was more expensive.

    You may not be aware though that the Japanese model Stella comes with a spare spool and two spray cans, one of grease and one of oil.

    I would suggest this accounts for the price difference.

    As for personal opinion, they are both great but the Stella has the better drag.

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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    holden vs ford debate, .
    i have a 20k, stella has better drag imo / daiwa feels more solid and robust, both are great reels that can be broken over time.
    I use mine at swains and off moreton. Had it serviced by fishhead and they said it looked like new inside.
    Some say the fa series isn't as good as the jap models in the stella but i cant fault mine.
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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    hi guys,

    Does anyone think outside the box? there are other quality spinning reels out there - Fin Nor , Van Staal , etc and in the cheaper range Penn Spinfishers. all strong quality gear. Holden vs Ford how about a BMW or MERC!!

    has anyone checked out the guts of a Stella?

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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    basically the only top end guys that use stellas are getting them for free, you've got a tougher main shaft along with basically every else in the saltiga, stellas have no been upgraded in 4 years so have a think about that
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    Exclamation Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    Nothing in the Stellas 'needs' upgrading [don't fix if it ain't brook], in any of mine or any of my mates reels, which were all paid for, along with our Daiwas and Accurates, actually the only thing recommended for upgrading out of the box is the Saltiga drag washers for carbontex washers, IMO
    There is no issue with any [brand] top end reel shafts! so maybe the extra couple of hundred bucks we have to fork out for a Saltiga is for the 'tougher' shaft. Could be spent on a carbontex drag .
    Most 'top end' guys using 12 to 20kg of drag for heavy jigging and popering generally use both Stellas and Saltigas, with a few Accurates and others thrown in now and again. General opinion is Saltigas 'feel' a bit tougher and Stellas are smoother and have a better drag out of the box, both do a fantastic job and who uses what and when are just a personal preference.
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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    One fisherman-two reels [Saltiga and Stella], the medium GTs didn't know!.
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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    dont buy a twin power, thay have heaps of backplay in them, not a good choice,. if anything get the shimano sustain top reel

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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    Disclaimer: I own both shimano and daiwa reels and I am not affiliated with any manufacturer!

    I also had the Stella vs. Saltiga dilemma and in the end I bought the Daiwa Z4500H because I wanted a smaller reel (4000 size). I am absolutely thrilled with my toy every time a big king pulls line like there is no tomorrow, and that little reel stays as smooth as a baby's bum!

    I bought mine in Japan from Tsurikichi in Edogawa-ku for about AUD $700.

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    Re: Daiwa SALTIGA or Shimano Stella

    swaters, I have the 2500, 4000 and 6000 Twinpowers and have no backplay what soever, they would also be the smoothest reels I have ever had and IMO as tough as a U-beaut Sustain which I believe they may replace in the future.
    I recon my Twinpower 6000 is smoother and as tight as my Stella 8000, but obviously not as gutsy.

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