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    old and interesting

    If this has been posted before sorry. Just thought it was interesting.

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    Re: old and interesting

    And here's me thinking this thread was gonna be about the deckie


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    Re: old and interesting

    arrr, snowball, what a great fishermans companion.

    c'mon, take the bait....

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    Re: old and interesting

    Good post lock

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    Re: old and interesting

    Thanks lock
    Very enjoyable and I've never seen it before.
    Any more like that??
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: old and interesting

    classic,, Snowball and Mr Bass, with the music, now i know where Ren and Stimpy got their music from

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    Re: old and interesting

    Awesome & classic vid clip....

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    Re: old and interesting

    That was great !!!!!
    Looked like hard work with that small over head !!!

    Thanks Lock


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    Re: old and interesting

    Ahhhhh!! Dont ya just love those old vids from a ways back, Love the music,couldnt help but get a laugh out of Snowball and thought it was soooo funny how he was casting some distance from the waters edge, Even the compere's voice over was just music in itself, Did I hear that the fisherman held a record for a 300 odd foot cast.... wow what with an overhead too, Thats some mean feat if you ask me, shows just how easy we got it these days eh!

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