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    which spear gun?

    After mackmaulers post showing off his riveting catch, im now deffinatly keen to start spearing! What brand should i buy? bearing in mind im not at all afraid to shell out the doe


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    Re: which spear gun?

    probably up there with the best, is the 'Rob Allen" Rail Gun, but they are quite expensive and not all that sure they all that much better than the other quality guns, my son has a Rob Allen and a couple of other brands and the first one he takes is ALWAYS the short Rain Gun and he gets some good fish, mind you the gun is just the start, you then get into a better suit/fins etc, it is like all sports, you can never have enough "stuff" and old friend of mine used to justify buying good gera by the old saying, "what you lack in skill, you must make up with equipment" meaning only the best/most expensive gear is good enough.

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    Re: which spear gun?

    I believe the best gun in the world is useless unless you can put in in the position to deliver a kill shot.
    The skill to find fish and then approach them silently and without disturbing them is infinitely more important.
    I have used a cheap run of the mill 1.2 metre wooden Sea Hornet for at least 15 years. It has never failed me, frankly I don't need to spend $400 - $600 on a top line gun for the style of spearfishing I do currently.
    However, if I was chasing blue water fish, a more specialised, longer barrelled Riffe, Rob Allen, or one of the Euro guns would be a better proposition.
    So, what sort of hunting are you going to do?
    I concentrate on shallow inshore reefs, land based, generally I target mulloway, failing that whatever I can find for a feed.
    A long barrel is more awkward in close quarter reef situations, a short barrel will be found lacking where a longer shot is required.
    In summary, shallow inshore reef, shorter barrel, bluewater hunting, longer barrel.
    The choice of brands, and how much you spend is up to you, but a fantastic gun won't automatically make you a great spearo, it is a craft that comes with experience and learning.
    Fantastic fun learning though, good luck and enjoy!

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    Re: which spear gun?

    yep, could not agree more, I still have an ols Sea Hornet and it is still Ok for around the rocks for Bream and so on, skill is something you cannot buy!

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    Re: which spear gun?

    Go to the adrenaline site and to the forum. You will obtain better answers from the spearos rather than the fisherman.

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    Re: which spear gun?

    Quote Originally Posted by steveg1100 View Post
    Go to the adrenaline site and to the forum. You will obtain better answers from the spearos rather than the fisherman.
    Those answers,however ,will come with a higher price tag.
    The sea hornet is often the subject of scorn on adreno,so know doubt they will tell you to get a rabitech or better.
    Yep.I.m an old sea hornet owner as well.Had one for 25years and it does the job.
    Although if I got serious about spearing I would upgrade.
    Happy hunting and oh get a good wetsuit as it takes the fun out it if you are cold.

    cheers Scott

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    Re: which spear gun?

    ok, so iv'e gone into #####, $170 for a swish looking 'sea hornet' branded gun, no the big question... will that do the job??

    Im more than happy to pay that price, look like a good unit too. Wetsuit covered too.

    ok so rope, float[to warm boaties you're there], fish bag, is that all neseccary guys?


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    Re: which spear gun?

    I've got two Rob Allens, 1100 and 1300 Tuna's. I would highly recomend them, however they are only as accurate as the person using them. I dont use my 1100 these days much just the 1300. Its a great all round size.


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    Re: which spear gun?

    Shaz - weight belt, dive flippers, knife and scabbard.
    My gun is a 1200mm seahornet sportsman.
    The wooden Underseas are good value also.
    KES is a top quality Aussie timber gun.
    A cheaper gun will suffice to start with, a top line gun will cost you 3 times the price.
    Luke G, I'd love that 1100 gun, I've shortened mine to 1100, and use 3/4" rubbers for a bit more grunt.

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    Re: which spear gun?

    ok so this Rob allan 1300 u speak off, where might i pick one of these babys up luke?

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    Re: which spear gun?

    Check out for a few options/prices.

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    Re: which spear gun?

    you dont even need a rob allen, jb esclapex guns are good iv had one for a while mint condition dont use it anymore, spendin everyuthing on fishing stuff.

    make sure u budget for flippers mask floats wetsuit etc, thats te most expensive part/.

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    Re: which spear gun?

    how much we talking all up hear $200 300?

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    Re: which spear gun?

    well if u buy a decent gun theres around 200-300, if u want proper free diving fins youll be pushin it to find any under 100 bucks...thats second hand, a good mask 50 bucks, weight belt 20, float probly 20, wetsuit if u wanted to around 150 for a average quality one.

    go to the newsagent mate and buy the spearfishing magazine, its like QFM style its mostly black and white, a bout 5 bucks, its got heaps of stuff in there on gear like prices etc. if ur gettin desperate or something PM me im casually sellin my gun and fins for a reasonable price, i can send u pics of the gun/fins if u wanted to have a look, the guns in perfect condition, fins are a bit scratched.


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    Re: which spear gun?

    1200 gun is a good start and sea hornet in timber gun is best of the cheaper range. leave the 3/4 rubber alone and use two 16mm rubbers for better accurracy unless you buy a spring steel spear($90). New fins start at $250, 3pound weights about $10 each usually 4 weight are a good start get one weight with a loop on it to to attach your float line. weights belt $50 get rubber freedriving belt not a webbing scuba diving belt. the rubber stops the belt slipping from your waist to over your ribs as you descend. get two 15meter float lines use one for shallow water and join two for blue out for the floating type if in the shallows so it doesn't snag on reef. when learning this can cause you to drown, floats start $70 and go way up from there plus cost of $30 for a flag. Buy a inflatable 11l one if you can afford it. easier to transport if a group of spears travel in a car for a shore dive.a bogey board with flag mounted is cheaper and you can have a rest on it. A stinger $30 attaches to your float so your fish hang from the float away from you in case a grey suit visits. Or mount a milk crate on a bogey board to keep the blood out of water but counter weight it so it doesn't flip over.return to boat or shore often fish doesn't spoil in the sun. wet suit $150 and up from there. plus knife $30 only as you will drop and loss them often. gloves $30. Flasher and chichen if after pelagics $200. If you walk out for under $1000 probly doing well. Don't spend too much on a gun to start with until you work out what style and species you will be hunting. SPEAR IN PAIRS AS SHALLOW WATER BLACKOUT WILL BE YOUR GREATEST DANGER. Kills more spearos than sharks ever have. Blacking out just under the surface or after surfacing watch your buddy at this time and be ready to take action for recovery of your buddy. Safe hunting and be selective in your prey

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