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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Kokomo, as I said I thought you were very curtious. It was just an observation I made on that day. Its good to here your experience of fishing/diving at the same time, as my young bloke is getting into the spearing thing. Good to know I can have a fish while he does his thing .

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    yeah mate absolutley get him into it... how old is he?

    just make sure he always dives with a good buddy... maybe you have to get in with him :lol:

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    He is turning 14 on thursday. Wants a gun lol.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Welcome to fishing on the Gold Coast, after 25 years of fishing this area I can tell you to just give up getting aggro as all it achieves is to spoil your day, the space/distance issue happens every weekend and the problem with other line fisherman is 100 times greater than with spero's. At least the Spero's only work the shallower ground or high points.

    It's impossible to count the number of times we set up before daylight burleying for snapper and get the fish coming then some dill decides to drive behind the boat sounding around and scattering the fish. We even hold our rod tips under water on hooked fish, if they see a bend in the rods when going past they come straight in and drive in a circle around you.

    These guy's who swing two hooks and a snapper lead have no idea how to consistantly catch good snapper in water less than 50m off the Gold Coast,

    As soon as their motor noise has gone over the burley zone we go home if it's after 7.00 am, if earlier we move to a new mark, cut the motor before we get there, drift into position and re anchor. The best of the action is over by 8am when the even more inexperenced hit the water for a day out.

    The problem is ignorance and arrogance, not the way they take fish.



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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    A fisherman and a Spearo discussing how far apart they should be

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    i think your pretty spot on there kingy..

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Have not got a problem with majority of spearfishermen but when one surfaces between our boat and our floating baits in a burley trail, I get pretty annoyed. But it was exactly what I expected when they came and anchored in our hip pocket when there was plenty of room to anchor elesewhere. Mate I was with was reaching for the weighted popper but I managed to talk him out of it. Respect is what is required on both sides but with idiots like that it can be hard.

    Quality is still delivering long after you have forgotten the price.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    I have dived speared and fished over many years and always tried to respect the space of others. ( On occasions when diving I have carried the bait rig of a young fisherman and put it in front of a nice fish :-) but generally we keep well clear of other boats.

    I think the problem is one that seems to be all to common in the general community that some people believe they have a God given right to do whatever they like when ever they want and stuff how anyone else feels about this.

    Living near a sports oval we often see this attitude when families attending sports events park over driveways blocking access for us and our neighbours if you ask politely for the car ( usually a big shiny 4x4 ) to be moved the result is usually abuse and threats.

    I could go on about this but sadly our society has bred a very narrow selfish streak into some people and I fear it is becoming more and more common.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    i have been doing both spearing and fishing for at least 25 years mostly on the mid north coast of nsw,same thing happens down here occasionally,but totally agree there are dickheads everywhere who have no regard for anyone,just the other day whilst we were anchored up burleying in under 20m a local pro drove in circles sounding around for at least 20min,it was late arvo and finally as one of his loops past not even 20m straight through the burley trail,i politely asked why dont you tie up to our .....................anchor rope if you like the spot.he left,but he knew exactly what he was doing which pissed me off even more.we moved also the snapper probably had a headache from his motor noise.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    always a great spot to spear back of a boat we would do a lap of reef and leave the women fishing from boat 30 min later or so when coming back a lot of times there would be 2 to 5 trout looking at bait seeming to egg the other on as to who was going to bite first, great if we could get down to them.

    but doing it to someone else's boat would be taking a large risk and just plain ignorant, in the young days it would be more than a heated exchange taken place

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Hello all,
    I wasnt there so I cant really comment on what these guys did however it would appear they did the wrong thing and were pretty rude at the least to come so close. As with other writers I am not so sure divers scare fish away...I have been on scuba inside huge schools of kings >25kg and jews>10kg in a school as big as a house block and all the fish did were move around me and let me Mattooty.
    However when people talk about about casting sinkers at them, stray hooks in the water..there isnt any wayof dressing this are basically trying to kill them...all because they dared to come too close. Are these the same blokes that will try to bash you if you bump their drink in a pub? I experienced this once on scuba at the ship reef off Sydney (long Reef)......we were well away from these guys line fishing but these neanderthals threatened to slash our inflatable and then bash us at the ramp (dont know how we were going to get back after our boat was slashed (not too bright this lot). For gods sake take a bloody chill pill - as more people try to share the same resources it is inevitable you will have try some common sense and common courtesy....and if you get into a blood red blinding rage and want to kill someone because they come too have no place in society....


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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Quote Originally Posted by lock View Post
    Fishing is not different if some one does move in you can either grim and bare it or move off cos no one ownes the water. There is not much point in trying to hurt some one just cos you think they are to close.
    There is a big difference between giving someone a verbal because they are being dickheads and hurting someone. 'Just grin and bear it' is weak and spineless and will only encourage more of the same behaviour in the future. It has never spoiled my day giving someone a lesson in French!

    I totally agree with some of the previous comments, you can spend hours setting up a burley trail and then some ignorant ######## - fisho or spearo - comes along and puts the fish down and off the bite. Just because you spearos can still see them parting and coming back together does not mean that they will still bite.

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Happens with spearing and fishing, i was anchored up on a nice shallow bommie the other arvo & had been burleying for a while when this f######d blasted through the trail about 20m from the boat, not the first time this has happened & they look offended when they get the finger!!! I have mates who spear and they give fishos who are anchored plenty of room, i think its the minority of both groups doing the wrong thing that makes it hard for everyone..

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Hmmm, we line and spear so I'm not jumping on either side; but as boat fishers, don't we sometimes see a group of boat fishos in an area and think "that must be where the fish are biting" and then go and join the area????? I know I am guilty of that. Mind you, respect is the key word here isn't it. You could always use the spearo's as the scouts-ask them if there is anything down there worth fishing for. (or is this in an ideal world???)

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    I have found spearos to be pretty helpful ,when i spin the rocks ,im allways hitting them up on fish locations and they have been very obliging, they also have some amazing stories of experiences they have had while out diving ,one guy at my local had 3 large tailor in his esky all great fish ,and told me his largest tailor in this location he got last year was over 1mt long and it had x6 separate lures and hooks permanently hanging from its mouth from previous hook ups ,big strong fish like that would have been taking a lot of fishos by suprise !!! he was a fair dinkum guy too ,but have also seen a couple of young punks with no respect splashing around and not not giving two thoughts about a poor old bait fisho doing his thing ,they were mucking about right where he was fishing ,cheers.

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