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    spearo's is this the norm

    i have a issue that i will bring up as it pissed me off some what its the second time its happened i was fishing at the back of 5mile reef off tweed 2 weeks ago away from everybody had put out a considerable amount of burley and time in and was just starting to get the benefits with myself and young bloke getting a nice squire each , when 6 blokes in a boat proceeded to motor within 20m of us and jump in the water spears in hand needless to say no more fish and a morning wasted, i have had the same experience on the local at kingscliff, if i myself seen the spearos fishing there before me i would have looked else where why is it they dont do the same?? i am not saying all spearos are like this just looking for a few answers or if anyone has experienced this for them selves.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Unfortunately the 'sheep' mentality is prevalent in most activities.
    The difficulty for you may be that where you live, there are a lot of people into spearfishing, increased pressure on good spots.
    This in no way excuses those that will make you a target, especially if there is more in their crew than yours, scumbags IMO!
    Mate, although it turns my gut, these days I just admit defeat and go home.
    Best way to avoid it is to attack early or late, that way you can at least get a bit of quality time.
    Cheers and good luck!

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    These fools are a dime a dozen at Tweed. They seem to have no common sense. If you let rip at them sometimes they move. If not then up anchor and move somewhere else is the easiest option.
    Luckly the water will be too cool for them soon and you won't have to put up with their shit.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    same thing happened to a guy i know on the weekend at currarong at jervis bay. anchored up right next to him and jumped in. a few heated words exchanged but damage was done. good time for that extra bucket of snapper leads!

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Happened to me at D.I. , landbased. Set up on a good ledge got my burley going and three blokes swim out from the beach and start diving right where we are casting . I asked politely if they good give us a fair go and was told f### ##f.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Maybe a biger Hook and a heavier sinker and then just rip it up, who knows what you'll hook into.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Take a bucket full of sheeps blood and tip in as they jump in.
    They'll leave.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Hi Boodo,
    Let me start off by saying, sounds like poor form to me.
    However is this an issue because they are spearo's or because they were too close?

    Hear me out, before you get too excited.

    would you have been as pissed off if a lino had anchored up and stared burleying up and fishing? in the same spot as the spearo's? I know when fishing of the bank people often stop and set up closer then that.

    I mean i consider it poor form what they did ,and it goes for line fishermen who do the same in boats. however i was not there and can't say for sure.

    were they swimming down current from you? in the berley trail?
    how much space do you want, obviously 20m between boats is not enough for you, so how much is it? 30, 40, 50m or more?

    I think the tolerence for space between spearo's and line fisherman boats is less then that between line and line boats, or between land based fishermen, true?

    It is obvious by now that i am a spearo but i also spend alot of time in the boat as well with rod in hand (no pun intended). I can see both sides of it, and i don't apprieciate those of you who are suggesting casting large snapper leads at spearo's.

    lets say you succeded and actually hit one in the head, knocking them out, killing them by drowning. would that make you happy as you drive home with your catch. pull your head in , no one owns the ocean. yes there are stupid inconsiderate spearo's out there but, what about the moron wankers that take no notice of dive floats and fly past our heads, cut rig lines in half, etc etc.

    I could start a whole new post on the dangerous and ignorant things that line fishermen/boat owners do near spearo's so lets not get carried away.

    at the end of the day if you had a good day out and caught some fish then happy days. thank the lord you don't have to go home via the hospital due to some d!ckhead diving over the top of you , or casting snapper leads at your head because he feels you are to close.

    be safe out there


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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    I Think The Issue Was That 6 Men Jumped Into The Water Swimming Around Down Where He Was Fishing, So Correct Me If Im Wrong Im Under The Impression That When 6 Men Swim Near Fish They May Spook Them, And If Spread Out While Spearing They May Spook A Large Area Of Fishing Ground, Im Sure This Wouldnt Have Been A Problem If It Wasnt So Close But Being Realistic 20m Is Still Very Close For These Two Forms Of Fishing To Co-exsist. It Was Wrong For The Spearos To This So Close Because They Are Putting Themselves At Risk Aslo What Would Happen If One Of Them Swam Into The Fishing Line Un-expectedly, Making The Fisho Think He Had A Hit And Strike, Hook In. Same With If The Fisho Had A Fish On That Swam Into The Spearos, Possibly Getting Him Tangled? It Was Bad Judgement In This Occasion, And I Can See How Boodo Is Pissed Off Being The Second Time This Has Happened. But Im Not Against Spearing, In Fact I Love It Its Great Fun, Just Sometimes People Make Wrong Choices, Spearos And Fishos. We Also Cant Judge Or Be Sterotypical. We've All Heard Of Other Boaties Even Charter Operators Getting To Close To Fishos Even On This Site, But There Isnt As Many Spearos On Here Posting Inncidents About Boaties Harrasing Them, Like Jim Said It Does Happen.
    But In Saying That I Really Dont Think Anyone On This Site Would Be As Disrespectfull As Some Of The People We See Out On The Water, Nor Would Go Through With Hurling Sinkers At People.
    And I Personally Think Its Fine To Have A Winge And A Voice On This Site But Just Think If We Try To Start Getting This Message Across To Other We Wont Have To Winge (althought That Is A Dream We Cant Expect All Everyone To Abide By)
    And If They Are Really A ######## With No Respect To Others Then Tell Em Where To Go

    Hope My Longest Post Dosent Stir To Much Poo Lol

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    I like the sheep blood idea.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    I too have speared mainly in the past!! (getting to fat) but under no circumstance would i or my mates intrude on another spearo or fisherman,s space i think 50 mtrs is still to close . If it takes the sacrificial lamb to move these dick heads then so be it wake up and show some respect to other people.

    regards smee

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    Schnapper leads sound a little dangerous....... but the blood idea should have most cleared out of the road in a matter of minutes.



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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    If only they would stick to spearing in the middle of the day these problems wouldn't arise so much but when you've spent the best part of the morning trying to attract the fish to you with burly they get in the water and chase them away these two forms of fishing don't go well together, they just need to show a bit of coutousy and jump in later when the fish have shut down, they still get their fish and both parties are happy.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    the fish dont just stop biting, they dissapear; so it could get a bit dull spearing pelagics in the middle of the day. anyone want to pour sheeps blood in the water near me would be burley.

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    Re: spearo's is this the norm

    i mainly line fish but occasionally go for a spear if the conditions are good. last outing i was spearing off a headland and saw a boat achored off it. he was line fishing AND had snorkellers in the water (not sure if they were also spearing) I gave him about 50m berth as i swam by. Far enough that he had to pull anchor to motor over to me. He proceeded to yell abuse, told me to f*%k off and that he was going to run over me/beat the sh%t out of me with his oars as apparently i was too close and was scaring his fish off!! I remained calm and pointed out that he had snorkellers in the water too. He motored on yelling more threats and abuse....while i can certainly see boodo's gripe, as i'd be pissed too if that had happened to me i think sometimes people can be just plain unreasonable....sure no one owns the ocean but its not hard to have some decency and commonsense

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