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    Talking What Tha---Toothy Beast

    pic's sent by email today.
    Only thing stated was 'congo'
    Glad they aren't in the creeks here we wouldn't have any fish or crabs in the place
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Talking Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Looks they would make short work of the old pumpkinseads,anything with teeth like that you would have to think would be a full on feeder smashing into a live bait...

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    now thats the ugliest bream ive ever seen

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Pretty sure it's a Goliath Tigerfish .... favourite pastimes are .... growing to 40kg and swimming with Crocodiles & Hippos ..... pretty hard to hook apparently .... I wonder why!!!!!


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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    yep, Tigerfish, very common in the jungley places.

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Tiger fish, here is a fresher one from another angle

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    I dont think i want to see one ever again. They dont look nice at all. Glad we dont get them here.
    Why is all the good weather around on weekdays?

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    saw a dvd where the angler was getting smashed by these buggers,,,, they fight like a tiger as well,,,, great sporting fish,,, but it didn't go into eating quality

    i'm chasing a new pair of teeth as well,,,,,,,,mmmmmmmm

    can it get any better??????????????,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    That is Bloody Awesome.....Wouldnt like to go diving around those buggers.....OUCH...

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Looks like something out of a horror movie. The fish from space or mother-in-law visiting.


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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    I also got that email yesterday.

    Thats one toothy beast

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    I saw a Rex H (or should that be C?) show on fishing Africa and they were after these things for a couple of days. Finally caught a few and they went off. The one in the picture is about 5x what Rexxie was catcing.

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Quote Originally Posted by LostNearBribie View Post
    I saw a Rex H (or should that be C?)

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    Re: What Tha---Toothy Beast

    Rex caught something other than trevally or sharks ? That should've been on the news . Or perhaps Ripleys.

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