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    Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    In the near future I'll be moving to Toowoomba. Can anyone advise me as to fishing options there ie dams etc. I currently own a Polycraft 4.1 tiller steer punt.
    Any info appreciated.

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    Re: Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    cooby, cressbrook dams are close .cooby has yellas,cod ,,,etc. cressbrook has bass, cod, gar,hope this helps but check them out online... cheers bdowdy

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    Re: Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    G'day Craig , they've still got something of a water crisis out that way but perhaps someone local will be along with recent knowledge , the Toowoomba council website has some info on Lakes Cooby and Cressbrook , Cooby has just re-opened to fishing after being closed due to an algal bloom , only electric outboards permitted there ,
    Cressbrook -

    Cooby -

    Fishing -

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    Re: Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    mate if your going to drive to Cressbrook, then its only another 1/2 hour or so to sommerset so thats another option.
    Or you could shoot across to warwick and try leslie dam.

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    Re: Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    Hey Craig,
    Toowoomba has a heap of dams within 2 hours drive, just depends on what your chasing. South west there is Leslie and Coolamunda, which are good spots for Goldens and Cod, and neither get a great deal of pressure, especially with the dam levels so low.

    If your chasing Bass, Cressbrook and Somerset would be the go, with Cressbrook being a lazy 40 min drive and someset about 90min. Cressbrook can fish a bit patchy with mostly small fish. We all now how Somerset can fish once you find a spot or two.

    I would give Cooby a miss until it gets some serious rain. It may be open, but getting your boat trhough the mud and weed doesnt really make it worthwhile. If your on the south of Toowoomba Leslie is just as far to drive and is a much more pleasant spot to fish.

    In Toowoomba you have just as many, if not more options to fish compared to living in Brisbane.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Fishing in Toowoomba?????????

    mate just about 40 min drive there is a camp reserve on the condamine river called bowenville reseveve 20km out of oakey good fishin for yellas and the ocassional cod always full of water


    live on the gt-ho falcon

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