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    Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Hello all
    My name is Ron Jenkins from Rockhampton and I'm a barramundi fisherman.

    Confused by the advice abounding in "how to do it", I decided to have a good look at the technical basis behind a lot of what's been said.

    Its taken a couple of years to do it along with testing results of what I've found.

    Came across a lot of misinformation and confusion. Some of it has come from other anglers experiences but has a solid technical basis for their point of view.

    Some of its already been published.

    I note that there has been previous interest in the subject of barramundi fishing on this site.

    Any objections to me putting some of it up for comment?


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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Fire away Ronje1, its all welcome rocky is a different place to fish for Barra.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Go for it Ron..always interested to learn more...are you a lure tosser or a live bait guy..?

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Ditti to that especially when it comes to Barra..

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    I will get the popcorn and watch the fun.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Revised barra fishing.pdfRevised barra fishing.pdf
    Quote Originally Posted by disorderly View Post
    Go for it Ron..always interested to learn more...are you a lure tosser or a live bait guy..?
    A lure person usually although I have resorted to bait at times when I wanted a feed.

    A bit of background.

    I was born in Rocky and started barra fishing with uncle as a kid with nets when nets were ok to use by anybody. Helped uncle make nets up to double 8" size mesh. No TV in those days so night time netmaking was pretty peaceful and interesting. Don't ask me to make one now. 15 years before the Fitzroy Barrage was constructed. Learned a lot from uncle.

    Moved away for a while and returned in 1995. Been barra fishing with lines as a rec since then.

    As most know the Fitzroy was turned into a net free zone in 2015. Rocky Regional Council ran with the concept to develop fishing tourism as an industry.

    RRC has 3 community advisory committees to help it develop the concept. About $7 million has been invested already in improved infrastructure with about another $5 million to go.

    I'm on each of those committees.

    Before 2015, I was running into trouble trying to decipher all the information/misinformation about barramundi fishing promoted by the experts and decided to do my own research about it based on my experiences which seemed to differ a bit from the experts' advice.

    But I needed a starting point considering all the variables that others had thrown up to emphasise how difficult such a job would be.

    Here is first installment.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Wow, bit of thought in there and I'm sure many here will appreciate it (haven't chased barra for about a decade).
    I used to try and put a lot of this sort of thought together but these days, weather's nice, mid week so not many about, I'll happily spend the day floating around enjoying the surrounds. The other day I watched a pair of spoonbills chilling out, forgot to cast for about 5 mins.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    A bit of thought alright.

    My choices to work those 3 subjects out was either by scientific reports generated by scientists who speak a completely different language to we fishing people. Their reports were intended for an audience of other scientists who spoke the same scientific language and left we "simple" people floundering.

    The other choice was using untested "folklore" available via non-scientific well-meaning experts. Their views were at least readable even if not accurate.

    I found that I could bridge the two "sources" and put some of the apparent scientific mumbo-jumbo into more understandable language whilst testing it against technical concepts associated with fishing.

    Having a engineering background leaning, I found that it wasn't really all that hard. All I needed was to read and understand sufficient scientific stuff and look at it with a fisherman's eye to see where there were any coincidences of interest. And I found a lot.

    I tested a lot of those common areas to make sure that my interpretation held up. Some areas I couldn't test such as dissecting a barramundi eye, otolith or neuromast so I had to rely on the scientists for that data.

    But other areas like light, colour and frequency vibrations fell easily under the umbrella of electromagnetic radiation of which I DID know a lot more than the average barramundi fisherman.

    So that's where this journey started with one subject linking to another.

    As the article said, the next link in the chain turned one particular subject (that has caused so much confusion about lures for years and years) on its head. One might liken it to a "missing link" and I was astounded that nobody in the expert fishing area or industry had picked it up.

    The US Navy Dive and Submarine training base in Long Island Sound near New York had done some work in relation to colours for concealment and tracklaying underwater some 52 years ago. What they found pointed directly to fishing's "missing link" but they didn't recognise that nor were they interested. Their interest was for military purposes.

    Anyway, I guess you have my results in a article form now and can examine those at your own pace.

    Tell me if/when you want a bit more as I understand that even this little bit is a lot to get yr head around.


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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    yeah Mate keep it comming , want to see at Days end if this will improve my barra Catch somewhat , Thank you Kindly for your Input ey...

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Come on Ronje mate. Donít leave us hanging.
    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    Come on Ronje mate. Donít leave us hanging.
    Not trying to do that.

    I have a lot of stuff put together over the last couple of years and didn't want to simply dump the lot too quickly.

    Took a lot of figuring out and testing of theories.

    The results attached about what happens to colours in water was so far out of left field compared to what the fishing experts had been saying for years (and what the fishing magazine article contributors had been quoting ) that I had to do the research 3 or 4 times to make sure I had it correct.

    Recommend that you look at some of the writings about the subject before reading this to get a handle on what has been told to us for many years.

    Light and colour underwater.pdf


    The latest innovation in Fitzroy R barra fishing. Not what it seems with the string edited into the image. This little guy visits every boat that goes near his territory down the river. Bit like the spoonbill comment earlier. He'll sit there for up to an hour at times looking for a feed. Good company.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Rod n lures ready🤗

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Did u look at the link to the US Navy's 1967 project?

    They would have had some preconceived ideas based on what they'd already found from experience.

    What they needed was some high powered endorsement of the experience to get the US military bureaucracy to listen.

    Captain Kinsey gave them the high powered push needed.

    Did u see their references to fluorescent paint and white paint?

    That's next.

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Nope !! , No lInks showing up at all...Hope im not going to be chewing my Finger nails off in anticipation ..

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    Re: Technical approach to barra fishing.

    Try this.

    I was a bit lucky to find this in the US Military archives apparently.

    Now the Optical Society of America (OSA) has the article and you need to pay to see it.

    The leader of this study was JoAnn S Kinney from the US Navy Bureau of Medical Research and Surgery at the submarine and diving research laboratory.

    She gave the project the medical/technical credibility for the base commander to push it.

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