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    Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Hi all

    Mt first post, looks like a great spot to learn about fishing.

    need some help if possible! Consider me a fishing ROOKIE.

    I am very keen to throw a line from the shore once a week or so. Doing so at the moment around the south pylons at the Gateway, and the jetty that's there also. Had some success with little bream here but nothing exceptional.

    Had a crack at the Breakfast Creek mouth, landing a catfish only.

    I have a pretty light set-up, 6ft estuary rod with light spinner, 9lb line. using bait mainly (frozen), tried some softies down the coast the other with pretty limited success.

    I would ideally like be take the kids fishing, an get a few bites and the odd decent fish.

    Could any one recommend a few spots, and a couple of 'rule of thumb' approaches with regards to tactics? IE Low tide vs high tode etc... what fosh to target?

    Would really appreciate some help...


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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    g'day charlie,

    Mate might be wirth a shot at the pinkemba region near the oil and coal dispatch.. but i would keep on trying around the mouth of breaky creek. try on the easten end of the park on the corner near the green shipping beakon it there are flathead and trevally and other species there...

    Keeping them and eating them is at your own risk but i wouldn't recomend eating anything outta that river, lived there the fisrt 18 yrs of my life and the mercury levels are still high, but your kids will have fun... just watch the muddy rocks they are very slippery but realativly safe apart from that..

    Ps. chance of school jew at the pinkemba area aswell as mangrove jack and all sorts..

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Thanks mate will do.... what do you reckon for bait etc? They seem to be catching quite a few salmon around there apparently. I wonder if targeting trevally is a good idea or stick with the more likely species? Will my light tackle hold up a the bigger stuff?

    Agree about eating... odd one probably not too bad but not everyday!

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    luggage point with strips of fresh mullet on #3 hook with pea sinker running on top of hook

    cheers Chris
    may you get a bend in your rod and your esky open often

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Quote Originally Posted by Navi View Post
    luggage point with strips of fresh mullet on #3 hook with pea sinker running on top of hook

    cheers Chris
    thanks Chris.... will give it a crack.

    best on incoming or outgoing tide do you reckon?

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    If you want to increase your catch, use fresh bait. not frozen.

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Charlie.I live on the northside and have done a bit of shore fishing in the past.Depending on how old the kids are there are quite a number of spots where you will get enough bites to keep the kids interested. Nudgee Beach and Schultz Canal are pretty popular and kid friendly. There is good whiting fishing there if you are keen to do a bit of wading. The Jetty at Shornclife/Sandgate can be productive on a making tide as well as most of the foreshore all the way back to the Hornibrook Bridge. The foreshore is probably best fished towards the top of the tide at dusk as it is fairly shallow. The old Hornibrook Bridge has been kept for fishing. It is about 2 klms long. And then you have the Redcliffe Peninsula. Mate I would pick out some of these spots to try. There are plenty of guys on this site who I am sure will be glad to give you more qualified info than I am capable of.Hope this helps

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane


    That spot just upstream from the mouth of breaky crk is worth a few cracks. Get some bait traps and try to catch live shrips they make great bait (cause thatís what is naturally there) sent them with little or no weight to make them look as natral as possible, take some fresh mullet with you too.

    If you find you are getting to many bust off on the 9lb mono then it might be worth changing to a braided of fused line like fireline. You will be able to roughly double your strength and fit the same amount on your spool. And you be amazed what you get that close to the city, flathead trevally cod all sorts. I caught a 3lb squire at the indooroopilly reach of the river a while ago..

    Good luck mate

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Thanks very much Charlie Buoy...

    I have been fishing in the wrong spots round there. one of the few spots that is still pretty deep even at low tide.

    what sort of rig should I use? I have only been using quite small bream hooks, with about 6 inch leader to swivel and .75cm sinker..... decent set-up?

    will give some thought to the braid.... expensive stuff! hopefully I can jag a big one and have the pleasure of snapping the hook.... hooked up something pretty big a gateway couple of weeks ago and snapped the rig off.... disappointing but exciting at the same time.....

    would love to land a squire or a trevally.....

    seems like the live bait is the go..... will pick up a cast net and have a crack...

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    early morning just before high tide then fish the tide out. we were using 15 lb and got busted up, but that was at night.

    cheers chris
    may you get a bend in your rod and your esky open often

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    hey mate, iif your keen for some family fun, i always find, as dagwood said, the sandgate shorncliffe foreshore can be action packed at times. when i fish there i just go down to the tackle store get a small mirco min lure, the smallest size with a shallow diving bib (clear thing on the front that make sit swim), if you cant find it just ask the shop owner, but i find the bream in this area love these lures, have been fishing with them for years now. i find just behind the sandgate pool down at the foreshore attracts heaps of bream on a high tide but best fishing in the morning before the seabreeze picks up. just cast either along the rockwall or the concrete outcrops. providing you dont have a rod that has the strength of a broomstick, i.e light, these bream put up a great fight, prob partly becoz a) you can seem them eyeing off the lure and hitting it and b) becoz they mostly hit you right at your feet, great fun (i put a report up last week,i think its under sandgate foreshore, have a read, from my outting last sat morning).

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    How can u guys talk about the quality of fish in the Bris R. upstream and then say catch them in front of the S..T shute at Pinkenba. (Luggage Point)
    Have been eating the Sharks, Catties, Mullet, Crabs etc from as far up as Indooroopilly for 50 yrs and it hasn't hurt me.

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    hi gents

    had a couple of attempts at breaky creek on the weekend on the outgoing tide..... picked up a couple of small bream on sat..

    hooked up something large on sun morning, but got busted off in the rocks... big bream or jack I'd say... great hit

    invested in a cast net, but haven't used it yet.. going to give it a try in the broadwater at the gold coast tomorrow...

    this wind is a bit of a problem....!

    can't wait to try it breaky creek on incoming tide in the morning... looks perfect for some bream around that beacon.

    bloke at the fish shop said to run about 1.5 m of leader to make sure the bait sits up a it in the tide and avoid the mud... seems to be working but might try two lines at varying depths

    slowly getting the hang of it I think...

    any thoughts any one?

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    My uncle spent two years in 'Nam looking for Charlie.
    He was fishing @ poo point the whole time.
    (Sorry I couldn't resist)

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    Re: Shore Fishing Spots in Brisbane

    Was fishin luggage point today,bloke i was with caught a 13ft bully,and she was pregnant.Got 11 sharks out of her,maybe a s..t chute but still a great place for a little fun especially for the kids.Just dont recommend going there at night,it starts to get a little....weird( i mean a lot of idiots are about at night there)

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