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Thread: poddy mullet?

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    poddy mullet?

    What are the laws for poddy mullet in Queensland? i looked on the dpi website and could only find this but it is for NSW " it is difficult to identify the various species of mullet, particularly when they are juveniles. As a result anglers may take any species of mullet, for use of live bait only. provided that they are less then 15cm and the total number does not exceed 20.

    is this the same law as qld?

    any information would be great

    cheers dave

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    thats a good question...
    hopefully someone who knows will read this thread and give you the right answer

    they do make as good livies... butthat is all i can help with

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    yer they do make good livies. and i no a place that holds a lot of them but dont wanna take to many if there are laws

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    There is no defined limit except for sea mullet. See the attached link:


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    Re: poddy mullet?

    Was pulled up and challenged by Fisheries at Cooraman Ck last year as to what species of Mullet I had in my live bait buckets. I told them they were Poddy Mullet and they said they may be Sea Mullet. I said " well how do you tell the difference at that size( 8 - 12cm)" and they said " well we are not sure" , I said " Good day see youse later " and all was good !!!

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    The eye's have it
    (I crack myself up)
    Sea mullet have a transperant membrane that covers most of the eye but not the centre, so if you look really closely you'll see a bit of a ridge at the edge of the membrane. On dead ones you can get the point of a hook under the membrane so you know what to look for on little livies. But thats where it gets complicated, the smaller the fish, the smaller the eye- the smaller the eye the smaller the membrane.
    I'm yet to hear of a Fisho booking someone for U/S mullet being used for baits. That does not mean "I was using it as bait" is an excuse for keeping undersized fish, but most Fishos are reasonable blokes/ ladies and will give you the benefit of the doubt.
    It's a different matter when you have 20litres of them.

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    Stark is right, there are no size or bag limits on poddy mullet in QLD. I don't know if I could tell the difference though, and I think hooknose & bob have it right. If DPI find it hard to tell the difference, how can they book you if you are obviously using them for bait?


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    Re: poddy mullet?

    thanks all for the info

    cheers dave

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    funnily enough there is a size limit for sea mullet in freshwater but not tidal go figure look it up in the dpi site in both freshwater and tidal documents there will be a list of misc fish that has most breeds on it

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    Re: poddy mullet?

    Catch mullet quite regulary and normally get two species, bully mullet are your common species round the logan and southern bay areas. they have a big round thick head on them and slender body, the you get sand mullet ( tellagalene) i think is the proper name for them and they have a more pointed head on them and the belly is quite rounded at the bottom. Hope this helps. Pretty sure poddys have to be under 15cms or over 30cms, between the to measurements have to go back.


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