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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i used to think gulp but now get better results or the same with unscented flick baits, i think its more technique than anything. The gulps are expensive and very soft plus they dry out too easily, but i still stock a couple in my kit.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I can't vote on this one i have changed my mind so much recently, I like gulps but as other do i find Squidgy's get more Quality fish. I think it depends on the circumstanses of the fishing but i stock both alon with powerbaits and atomics.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I haven't tried Squidgies myself. A mate of mine likes em.

    I only recently bought some Gulps and only because they were on special at K-Mart.

    I was told by somebody at a tackle shop how to use them and the first time I used it I caught a Flathead with my first cast. It then took another hour to catch another.

    The guy also reckoned that once you get the hang of them you can get one in almost every cast. I think that is a slight exaggeration.

    I have also had days where I caught about 8 Flathead in a couple of hours on them using every type of Gulp I owned. They all worked just as fine as the next.

    I have had days where I couldn't raise a single thing on Gulps.

    I have had days that I caught a Flatty of a Gulp SP and then nothing but when I changed to a hard body lure I caught another flathead.
    That doesn't mean anything. Maybe that fish just wasn't around when I cast something in it's face.

    It's funny when some people say that's all they catch fish on or they catch most of their fish on a particular SP. It's usually because that's what they use most of the time so of course you are going to catch most your fish on what you use most of the time.

    The variable are infinite!

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I dont prefer one over the other. Both brands have produced quality fish for me at different times.

    If Berkley made a squidgy flick bait shaped Gulp than i would be all over it. I think the feremones or what ever that berkley use (or maybe its the water soluble carrier) is far superior to the squidgies scent, even the S-factor scent isn't as effective at tempting fish to eat them.

    I tried a little experiment on the scent by dropping a chunk of each into a spot i know holds bream and the gulp consistently got attention while the squidgy got very little. I left the 2 sitting in the water on the same type of line and hooks for about 2 hours and the gulp hooked over 5 fish while the squidgy hooked only 1.

    Not very technical but it did prove to me that theres something in the gulp juice that they love. May work differently on different fish but with bream it was pretty conclusive.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I left the 2 sitting in the water on the same type of line and hooks for about 2 hours and the gulp hooked over 5 fish while the squidgy hooked only 1.

    Interesting idea, but I thought the idea of SPs were that you work them like a lure rather than set and forget like a bait!?
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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Quote Originally Posted by JRJR View Post
    Interesting idea, but I thought the idea of SPs were that you work them like a lure rather than set and forget like a biat!?
    It was purely a test mate. The chunks i used where off plastics that had been destroyed by fish earlier on in the session.

    I just chucked them on 2 set lines out of interest to see if they'd attract any attention and was surprised to see that they actually caught fish. I was working the nearby banks while i left them to see what would happen. All the bream caught were only little pickers (biggest went 20cm) but it was interesting all the same.

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    Thumbs up Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulps for me i just seem to get more action on them especialy when i,m chasing bass

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i used Gulp today (soft plastics) for the first time and first cast resulted in a small GT. Had another big hit but was lifting my plastic out of the water at the time. But the rest of teh afternoon was quiet, but that was due to no fish action.

    i do have a question though..... how do you rig these things up. i have the 4 inch baits with the weed type hooks, but i'm unsure how to rig them up properly so everything sits straight... anyone have any links or can tell me how to do it.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Squidgies for me. Cheaper. Yet to catch anything on Gulps. Havent tried em much yet however. Might try Powerbaits soon though.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Squidgy Pros for me, catch all sorts of fish on them from the ever reliable Flat Head to various reef fish and school mackeral (although the plasitic is normally trashed). And before that powerbaits which I still use and I try to keep as much of the s-factor as I can when I buy them and use it on the power baits if the squidgy pros arent working.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I must admit i'am a squidgy fan but it sounds like i should give the gulps go.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulps are dynamite!!

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Have tried both however gulps are my choice in Nth Qld. In particular the 3 inch minnow and jerkbait or walleye. Pumpkinseed, Pearl watermelon or chartreusen colours have been very effective. I use a 2/0 1/8 oz jig head on these plastics.Absolutely dynamite of jack, barra, grunter and flathead.
    The Mullet
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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Poodroo View Post
    I have to agree. I use the Snapbacks too but they are hard to find in the retail outlets because they last so long that businesses don't want to stock them because there is not enough repeat business with them. But having said that I do use Gulps as well.

    theyve got them at logan river marine

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