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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    It is quite interesting that people are prefering the Hard option saying it is more satisfying... they obviously dont fish comps..

    Would be safe to say Gulp wins it by a nose....?

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I like Gulp but I think Squidgies are better.The other day I was going through my Gulp and found one that I had used (shaky shad) and found that the hook had been half rusted away just were it came out of the shad and it broke off easy. I always wash them in fresh water after use and put them back in the packet.They also go like leather after awhile. This is what I have found.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    What is your favorite Gulp, and what is your favorite Squidgy

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Very interesting topic. I am also in the catagory that prefers to use conventional plastic lures and get more satisfaction in using them.
    Seems as though berkley have come across the perfect product. A lure that is biodegradable, is very profitable(you can only use once) and catches fish. I must say i have gone away from using gulp so much as they stink, they are over priced for what u buy and basically you still can make lesser quality smelling lures stink just as bad or good if you like, by using various products to make them smell like fish. Hardbodys squidgies and normal plastics for me.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    When squidgies bring out a lure that swims as well as the turtleback worms I'll buy it.
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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i dont like the keepers on squidgy jig heads they tend to rip up the plastic

    ive kept gulps in their opened packet but closed for 2 months and still used them they still maintained their consistency and shape and swimming action

    i had the used ones in a glad resealable bag some with jigheads in still and some not they were still useable although the jig head got a bit ugly on the keepers when the plastic was striped from it

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I'm hooked on the gulps because they come up with the results. A few times I have been using my convention squidgies, atomic etc and have been catching nothing. I then try a gulp sandworm or two inch shrimp and I am getting hook up after hookup! They seem to last just as long as the conventional soft plastics (if you factor in all the extra hits!). You can re-use if you put them in a sealable bag with a bit of water, though you will be advised to remove the jig head so you don't end up with a rusty hook.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulp 2in shrimp for bream, gulp 3in shaky shad for the flatties and gulp 5in jerk shad for snapper. I do use other plastics aswell but if i was fishing for money and could only use 1 plastic it would be a gulp.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Glup mostly - but I do also use Squdges and also Snap-backs.
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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?


    i have also had heaps of success on kingies with the 5" jerk shad worked in the wash as well as other pelargics


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i like just using plastics in general but i would hav to say that i prefer the gulp range. however they both do the job.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    The secret is the scent.If you could buy Gulp scent in a spray pack,the options would be limitless.Berkley definately came up with a winner.Most plastics will catch fish,but Gulp is in a different league entirely.Gives you an almost unfair advantage.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulps for the breambos and when the snapper are timid. Other than that, I find it hard to get past Atomics and regular plackies like powerbaits.
    Squidgies went dynamite for me up North though, cudas, Queenies, Trevs and even a LT Tuna that broke my rod in half when it snashed the lure at my feet. Probably because I couldn't get gulps where I was.
    Same as Whytey: when $$$$ talks the gulps are a must.


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I prefer Gulps because they are the only type of Plastic that I have caught a fish on.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    How many times has it been said on these boards that 'i was just hanging my rod out the back of the boat with a gulp attached while doin something else and the ratchet started screaming etc etc' . That aint lure fishn, if a gulp can catch a fish that way (and fairly regularly) its too much like a bait for me. I will admit to owning a cople of pack, but they only really come out on the reef if im desperate or wanna try a differant shape etc. All the barra we got the past couple of days in the salt were on squidgies, atomics and powerbaits, u really have to work these as lures, much more satisfying imo. But whatever floats ur boat

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