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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I agree with Greg. There is more satisfaction for me catching fish on many varieties of sp than just gulp. Gulps are great sp's and have worked for me when nothing else would. They smell like crap though and would rather use squidgy just for that fact.


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulps and power baits for me, I've only ever caught fish on them and nothing else.


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Squidgies are my fav but caught barra and jack on most soft plastics, eco lure ,atomics,storm,bayside ,snapbacks, but I find squidgies my preferred soft plastic for casting .dropbear 75mm or 100mm slick riggs..

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    SQUIDGIES! Berkley gulps share many of the same attributes as bait they smell and attract all the pickers, espcially fishing of the shore like i mostly do i need a durable plastic that isnt gona come back half eaten after one cast. Just as bassjunky said squidgy are bringing out a bio-degradeble range in late june early july. In conclusion it all comes down to personal preferance.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulps for me too

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    live bait

    But if I use plastics.... gulps...

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I've found gulp worms and grubs effective just rigged for bait fishing with little action. They do seem to go off if you don't fridge them. And alot of grubs come back with the tail bitten off. I prefer the fact they breakdown to the SP pollution.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    GULPS & TT Jigheads without a shadow of a doubt...

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Never used the squidgies there has never been a need to as the gulps are dangerous. I feel a bit sorry for the fish they are that good
    It's all part of the fishing experience

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    both but if i had to choose between the two.
    Gulps for me..

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I like glups but i have caught fish on both

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    True plastics for me , Powerbaits etc , Gulps are too easy just compressed fish food really! I've got to admit that do have some for when it gets quiet though.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i use gulp some times...however i really do like to use Squidgies and other softies where upon catching a fish means that i have fooled it into thinking that it was actually a little bait fish or prawn or something...when i use gulp i might as well have just used a bait. after all if catching fish was meant to be so easy it wouldn't be so fun

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I'm a Tackle Tart so i'll use anything that looks good (and some that don't). I'm a fan of the gulps but the squidgey 55mm wriggler(Gary Glitter) is my Go To bass lure(#4 ball jig on a gold beetle spin). Never fails in the creeks.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    it always makes me smile when i read threads like this..
    if you believe australian chatboards there are basically only 2 companies that produce soft plastics, Berkley & Squidgies. these are the two that have high profile pushers & a big marketing programme..others do receive an occasional mention.

    truth is if you look around there are dozens of companies, (all overseas & all more cost affective than the ones mentioned) basically they all make copies of each others standard range, with a few different ones thrown in..
    they all work in a similar fashion & they all catch fish..
    before the berkley train started, zooms were the flavour of the month, & still work brilliantly for those that still use them, what happened??

    i am sure user technique has a lot to do with it.

    personally, i have never bought a packet of Berkley, mates have them & use them side by side for similar results, & won't ever bother while i can get Gamblers, Strike Kings & Zooms.
    i just hate being told by someone that is being paid by a company that their product is the best. that is what they are paid for, whether they believe it or not..
    just my 2 cents

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