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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Well I just bought a tonne of slams from Ebay and some other plastics of a name I can't remember.

    So Ill be checking out if Gulp/squidgy do actually do the damage or is it more your method, choice of rig, time and place...

    I have done a hell of a lot of donuts on both Gulp and Squidgy and most times I have caught good fish I have attributed the catch to my method time and place.

    Have a few methods up the sleeve I want to try out as the Gulp and Squidgy factor is negligible in my books compared to good water at the right time.

    Suppose I'll soon see...


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I dont mind what I use, but I do prefer to use the gulp plastics for my larger fish like jew and then I use my squidgy plastics for the smaller species like flathead and bream, but every now and again I'll mix it around and use gulp for bream and flathead and then squigies for jew. I just find using gulp for larger eastury species and squidgys for smaller eastury species a lot more productive that the other way around i dont know whay though, but like I said I dont mind to mix it around for something new.

    To catch a fish on a gulp or squidgy i dont think its the plastic i think it revolves more around; where you are using it,how are you using it (techiques being used), the smell and the look of the plastic (does it look like something your target species would engulf)

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