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    Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Which does the majority perfer ????

    personally... Squidgies 0 Gulp 1

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Gulps for me...

    Great range, Biodegradable, can reuse over and over and they have a great action!!


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulps seem easyer to use and more afective

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Arent gulps single use plastics bilgeboy.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    I find both effective for the style of fishing I do which tends to be for flathead and around the rocks, gulp are more bait like where as squidgies require more skill I tend to like Atomic and Ecogear softbaits over squidgies but squidgies work fine I just like the colours available in the other two. As mentioned gulps are more single use whereas the others are reusable as a lure should be.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    the only thing squidgies have to thier defence is that they are alot tougher and more durable than the gulps (WHO REALLY PUT THE WORD SOFT IN SOFT PLASTICS) and i find get chunks taken out of them by fish.

    but they can be reused, although they dont recommend it, i just use an old gulp bag and all my left overs to it. but i also guess it depends on how fast you use a pack casue i turn over a couple of packs a week so they are not sitting around long and dont have time to decompose..

    ANYONE... Should i stick with NITRO jig heads or is there something better ?

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulp are a great lure to increase confidence or when the fishing is really tough, but for me it is much more satisfying hooking up on a conventional plastic like one of the squidgy range.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    You will actually find that squidgies are bringing out a bio-degradable range later in the year. Around june I believe. Interesting to see how the go?

    Berkley powerbaits are also extremely effective if you want a reusable plastic.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    Terminator snapbacks are almost indestructible and catch plenty of fish.

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulps for me


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulps is what i use

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i use them all with no real preferance for any...
    they all work on their day.....i just swap around untill i see whats working....
    but in saying that i have no real preferance , i find myself using more powerbaits than the others....

    charlie bouy ::.. those nitros are great jig are the squidgey finesse range....

    there all bloody good fun to use......


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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    gulps for me
    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i have been using gulps recently.. it's a shame about the prices on them though.. they aren't cheap compared to the squidgies..

    all plastics work.. it all depends on right time right place right plastic..

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    Re: Squidgies Vs Gulp ?

    i mainly use squidgys and the odd powerbait,gulp
    looks like im misssing out on something
    do you class gulps and powerbait as the same
    for fish caught squidgys and power bait are pretty much even for me

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