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    Couple of spanish

    Got out with some mates and got a spanish each. Still pretty scarce though?
    Took some pics as well enjoy. Ps have posted question in saltwter chat about staying in Gladstone to get to NW Island any advice would be appreciated.
    Cheers Doug

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Hi Doug - nice fish as usual - looks like it made for a happy day.

    Everyone is lamenting the lack of mackerel and spaniards at the moment - maybe we will have a good late season on them. Good quality fish though - any more in the school or were they loners?


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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Well done as normal Doug nice spanish
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Hey Doug, I thought I saw you guys going out through South Passage on Sunday

    But looking at what's on the bottom in that ray photo it looks more like the top end of Moreton.

    Don't want to know the real location but was up top or down the bottom?? If you don't mind me asking


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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Big Mac - the macks were in small groups of 3-5. Can only get one each time you see them though and not always one. Think everything is late this year so maybe in another 3-4weeks we will see the bigger schools of 8-12kg fish come through.

    Liltuffy - came back through the bar at 4pm but went up bay from manly and round capemoreton in morning. Macks were from up North but ray and turtle pic were from the groupoff Straddie.(yes long trip trying to find the macky schools)

    A guy I know speared a 33kg spanish just off the cape on Sunday lucky bugga.

    Cheers All Doug

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Haven't seen much of you Doug, always see you up around the top end of Moreton

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Hey pete,
    Been going out in a mates 6m poly c/c lately and will be selling boat shortly as am buying a yacht. But yes have been out a lot less than I would have liked. Too much work, wish everyone would put off their patios and decks for a few months.

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Great looking fish and photos well done Ken

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    A Yacht bloody hell doug are you going soft Well if you venture a trip to NQ drop in any day. Waiting eagerly for the winter months for our spanish season started looking at my slip tips the other day.

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    By the way how do you find the poly????

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    It's wet, rides pretty hard but apart from that seems pretty tough and it is stable.
    I think my mate payed just over 30 grand for 6m c/c with 140suz 4stroke. So for that size boat you get a lot for your money. Is underpowered, with 6 blokes in it the 4 blade prop on it has to work pretty hard all the time.I would love to drive it with a 175 on it. I hate c/c's no protection(I know good for fishing) and would definately go a cabin version he just could not fit that version down the side of his house and in shed. Have heard some horror stories about smaller polys cracking up but his seems to do the trick and touch wood no probs. Going out in anyone elses boat is always better than forking out for your own though.
    Yeah I am getting soft it happens as you get older, my poor old body has seen so many wild trips I am looking forward to a bit of comfort when I cut back on work.

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    Re: Couple of spanish

    Thanks for the great yarns and good stories doug. Keep'em coming.

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