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Thread: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    Same here Derek, I definitely need the fitness benefits. Unfortunately, saving for a car that doesn't leak through the roof is first priority...
    Fishing for the thrill, not for the kill

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    10 weeks must have loved it Thats not a lot of time to see the pro's in a boat v Yak

    Cheers Chris
    Too many scooby doo's in the scooby doo I think.

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    What is the max weight a kayak will carry - I realize there will be diffrences, but whats a ballpark fiugure? Been thinking about one for awhile now - but im a BIG lad and I worry that i will be too big for a 'yak.

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    Depends on what you get.
    eg: A viking tempo fisherman has a load capacity of 250KG is 3.9m long and weighs 29kg with a rrp of $1100.
    There are others dearer and cheaper with different pro's and con's.

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    For the sort of fishing I enjoy, my yak was getting more use than my 17' half cabin, so I sold it and got a second yak (for my kids). Really good fun, and quiet!

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    mmmm.....I do both kayak fishing and landbased fishing.

    Trolled for pelagics in the kayak and my PB longtail went 23kg.

    My PB lontail of the rocks went 16kg.

    I would have to say that landbased fishing is far more challenging and landing a good fish is alot tougher.Therefore I find the captures more satisfying.

    However,the kayaks are great in creeks it allows you into places you cannot access by foot.

    Just my thoughts.


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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    I learned to row in a "tub pair" (1968) a clinker built double ender with two sliding seats ,fore and aft.
    They were heavy and slow, but had a coxain to steer, so they took a bit of weight.
    I have always thought that a updated 1man version in relatively light weight materials but low tech like glassed ply like the racing hulls of the era but a bit more robust, in short a rowing skiff.
    using stitch and tape construction would be a great fishing platform,

    Low cost stable and fitting in the slot between a yak and a small tinny.
    I am 53 years old and can clearly remember seeing lots of timber row boats as a child, any time we went to the Manly or Redliffe or the Gold coast.

    Sorry to be a bit off topic,I dont want to hijack the thread, Ive always thought that would be the ideal entry level vessel for semi-smooth water.

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    my kayak has been sitting in the garage collecting dust. i cant wait to pull it out when it gets a bit warmer and catch some fish

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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming

    Quote Originally Posted by STUIE63 View Post
    I wouldn't do it up this way there are too many crocs bigger than boats let alone kayaks. But it does sound a good way to fish.
    Last time I checked when I was up in FNQ Ocean Kayakking was actually a passtime for tourists!

    Of course I wouldn't go venturing up into the creeks but I'd have no problems about going off shore.

    I'll have to pos some photos of my Kayak setup some time.
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    Re: Land based fisho's stop dreaming


    Don't wait for the warm weather mate, as you'll miss some fo the best winter fishing. Get your kayak dusted and get it out onto a dam. We are coming into big Bass time.

    For instance...fished Wivenhoe Dam last saturday morning and scored 4 quality Bass ranging from 34cm to 48cm. The 48cm fish fought like a tiger. Pklayed him for 10 minutes before he came to the surface. It was quite a rush in 4lb line. I pulled the hooks on 2 other solid fish. All this was while trolling Jackalls.

    Wivehoe bass are big fat brutes and put up a great fight, and the fishing there is only gonna get better over coming weeks.



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