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    $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    so you have $1500 to spend on a stand alone colour chart plotter.

    What would be your

    A brand preference,
    B screen size,
    C chart preference,
    D external or internal aerial
    E why,would that choice be better, than another.


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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter


    I have had a good run with Navamn chartplotters over the years. I currently have a 5605. IMO:

    A; Navman
    B; As big as you can afford (Navman 5605 or 5607 are 6.4" around $1500 local and $1000 for imports)
    C; Navman uses c-maps. I have found them very acurate and detailed.
    D; Internal is simpler for open boat or canvas canopy. You will need an external aerial for hardtops.
    E; You need to stack up all the data; features; user friendliness; reliability; performance; cost and decide what is most important to you.
    F; I have found that colour is streets ahead black and white (greyscale) plotters. I would not buy anything but colour.

    Cheers Tinman

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    my advice would be to have a demo of what models are in your price range,with the chart in.I have a couple of different setups and I prefer the navionics chart over my c-map one.
    If the boat will get away with a internal aerial that would be the way to go (less connections to go wrong)
    I would suggest colour.
    once you pick a brand then ask some ?
    good luc

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    I reckon the 435 Raymarine unit. 435i with the internal antenna (slightly cheaper). 6" colour screen, very easy to use, and Navionics gold chart is better in my opinion to c-map.

    You will have to import it yourself though to get it within your budget.


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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    You'll get a Raymarine 435i no worries for under $1500. Got mine for about $1450 from BIAS.

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    Quote Originally Posted by CamH View Post
    You'll get a Raymarine 435i no worries for under $1500. Got mine for about $1450 from BIAS.
    Was that including the Navionics Gold Chart as well?

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    Wait for the new Garmins with Bluechart 2
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    I've got the Navman 5500 and although it works OK and service backup in Australia is good, I won't be buying another from Navman because:

    - they use C-Map which doesn't seem to be as detailed as the other map systems I've seen
    - the maps don't zoom very far. I fish north of TSV and the maps are not high in detail but they go off the screen and revert to grid lines when you try and get some detail on your fishing marks

    and the BIG one:

    - the PC interface is very expensive and it's a proprietary system. Garmin units, on the other hand, have a USB interface which hooks directly into products such as Oziexplorer. Even my really old Garmin 12 with a serial i/f is bliss to use with the PC. Currently I backup my waypoints by rekeying them into the Garmin 12 and uploading to Oziexplorer - time I should be spending with the kids.

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    Garmin 172c plus chart and you'll have change to buy a new rod or reel.

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    You Lucky Man-I wish i had the spare cash to do it now.
    After many hours of research and years of club fishing experience - been on lots of different boats -heaps of boat shows -GPS comparisons always my passion . This would be my personal choice.
    The Garmin GPS 292 preloaded with Australia & New Zealand Bluechart G2 Marine Map. The internal aerial would make it very portable & easy to use in your car or any boat on holiday .See and bluechart G2.

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    hey mate i have a garmin 172c it is a magic machine i think i paid about $1200 for it and i have not had a problem for it

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    Cam H.
    Tried Bias, but no go onthat price.Which one was it?

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    Re: $1500 to spend on chart plotter

    might be worth trying qld outdoor and marine electronics. For that money you could also be looking at gear like interphase and standard horizon, with large high res screens. They were supplying commercial grade gear when I bought from them. I think they have a website up now, if not then pm me as I've got the email address here somewhere

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