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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    yeah i agree with juju . gulp worms, i use sandworm, bloodworm and a sort of motor oil coloured worm. rig up as if useing bait and i also use red beads or red tubing.just as good as live bait but there always on hand when needed.

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    Gulp sandworms fished like you would with a real worm. Would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself. The guy at the tackle shop sold them to me because he had no real worms left so I thought I may as well give them a go and caught a very nice feed of whiting during a leasurely day out along with one respectable bream.


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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    roydsy, have you given them a try, i did on saturday morning but only just after the rain on a run out tide, wasnt the best time and because of that i got cleaned up by toad fish, but i always put in a second effort so ill try them soon, just wondering how you went.
    now another question, do you think whiting will take them at night, ive got heaps of sandy flats here at shorncliffe, and a good night tide to try it.

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    Hey mate, I gave them a go out on the beach here at Casuarina... but with big swells every cast all I got was this sluge which looked like weed /sand /slime and it prevented me from getting any descent time in the water.

    I made the mistake of using braid in the surf and seemed to collect loads of this sluge, scum from the washing machine surf here. Is this normal for braid in the surf?

    I will go back with standard beach rod and alvey, mono, gulp worms with hooks and standard swivel running sinker rig. Keep you posted. the swell has calmed down a fair bit, hope to get there one afternoon this week, if not the weekend.

    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    yeh i wouldnt know about the braid in the surf mate, never tried it, the whole cut up fingers kinda puts me off, i might give it a try tonight and see if the whiting or any fish for that matter will take the worms, thats if its not to windy

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    alright i had a crack at this last night, wasnt much of one but still managed to draw a few hits, even tho the wind picked up and brought rain and there was no moon. cut the berkley blood worm in half, on an ultra light hws tt jighead, fished flats and did mange a few unmisteakable whiting hits but didnt hook up the few times i did, to busy overseeing the new girl and her attempts at fishing in pitch black, picked up one flattie, but he was about 7cm long, a record for me, smallest flatty ever on line. might give it another crack while we have big tides late at night.

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    Hey Ben, the surf settled down here at Casuarina, at 1-2 ft, light winds, some nice gutters. I fished the last 2 hours of daylight and the incoming tide was about 2 hours past the turn.

    This time I used standard beach rod (10ft) and reel (alvey) with two whiting hooks rigged with gulp worm.


    Still no success. However, the other 4-5 fisherman around me were also getting nothing. I saw plenty of dart in the waves, but no fish would take my placcies.

    Might have to get some bait nest time to compare methods.

    Anyway, great way to see out the day.

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    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    A lot are caught on surface lures like Towadis while casting for Bream in canals and shallow water. I have got a few at the mouth of Nudgee Creek in the very shallow water.

    I personally wouldn't go and target them as they are a bit few and far between on plastics. But I have caught them on 3inch Power Minnows before. Some of the fish engulf the whole Minnow which is about half the size of some of them. It's a wonder how they swallow past the hook :S .

    If I was acctually going to target them I would use either 2inch Gulp! Minnow Grubs in Pumpkinseed or 6inch Gulp! Sandworms in Natural with a stinger hook and cast them into beach gutters with a bit of flow close to the bank. Beach Whiting usually sit in little trenches with their head facing up current waiting for scraps and bait to drift past. So I would cast up current with a jighead thats heavy enough to get the lure to the bottom but light enough to allow the lure to drift fairly quickly. I'd probably add a few little wiggles to get the lure moving. I'd use 2lb Fireline Crystal and 4lb Fluoro Leader to allow for easy casting and a bit of sport. You don't want that big Jewie jumping on though! . Acctually I take that back .


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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    hey llong time between posts on this subject but ive had success with the sandworms! gulp ones in the bloodworm colour, cut in half useing a hws tt jighead size 2 hook i think aswell, lots og hits at night aswell, althought not a whole lot caught but in saying that i had the missus bait fishing with real worms and she did no better, so looks like they do work, might have to wait until the their in the bay for good and try over at the sandhills or something, an area where there is plenty. by the way no stinger hook used but i havent dismissed this as of yet, will try in future!

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    Re: best soft plastic for whiting

    Well I have had no success with gulp worms out on the beach here at Casuarina. I am going to the tweed this morning for a flick out of the canoe and will traget flatties and whiting. I have a few spots to try out the gulp worms once again.

    I might also grab some real worm for comparison sakes.

    What are people's thoughts about using soft plastics on the beach here around gold coast / tweed ? Waste of time, what would you target or use?

    Surely someone has success on the bech with placcies, I haven't so far.
    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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