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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    Was lucky enough to be taught by Harro.
    Dont do a lot now but still love to go down to the park and have a cast now and then.
    I even get to go on the water sometimes.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    Harro gave me a 30 second lesson at the Royal Pines Boat Show a million years ago. John Rowe was also kind enough to give me a few pointers and all the time in the world. Rob and I stayed with him while he was still living at Borumba Dam. Bloody nice bloke! It's good to hear that he and Shirl are still going strong!
    Harro then gave me heaps of help over the years. Another good bloke

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    I did, hence the reason you see so many reports of fish being caught on fly coming from me, got a cheapy 6 weight under the house that i look forward to flicking at some baby bonito and mac tuna before the seasons out, might hit some bass with it one day aswell.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    I first shown by Gavin Platz down the side of his shop ( as I think 90% of sunnycoast fly anglers have been shown ) ,then got some proper lessons of him and Nial Logan .We are pretty fortunate in SEQ to have the only two FFF qualified instructors in Australia.
    Sure makes leaving conventional gear at home a lot easier

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    I taught myself fishing for trout back in South Africa. Also it helped watching my uncle and I blame him for indroducing me to the sport.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    self taught but watched and listened to a cpl old timers on the trout streams of bright vic
    havnt done much salt fly flicking since moving back to qld yrs ago to scared that the trevas and jacks will smash my 5wt to peices

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    Got my fathers rod when he past away, have had it for nearly fifteen years, am noe trying to teach myself the art of fly fishing, had some pointers in my cousins driveway other than that have only caught acouple of small bream and a couple of english perch around 2" long if you can call them fish.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    We put on a kids fishing clinic through fishcare ant victoria point and a chap came along to demonstrate fly casting durig the lunch break. Had a crack at the wand while we were packing up and the reas is history. Vids, books, casting days at fishhead with duncan, joined the SEQFYFISHERS. I'm very garden variety with my casting, but for now it does me fine.
    The old story, whe you stop learning your dead.

    PS. My wife is still looking for the chap who can down to demostrate flycasting to the kids.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    Self taught, but refined with a few tips by Nat Bromhead.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    peter hayse the best and graham williams who fished with lefty
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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    i taught myself when i live in nz i use to fish the 3 streams

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    I have been taught how to cast a fly, and thats great. Wish there was a fish somewhere out there in the water willing to eat it.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    Plenty of fish on fly. Grab a loaf of bread....... stale or fresh..... doesn't matter.

    Some small fly hooks, some cotton wool or make some bread looking flies....

    Burley up and the bream, mullet, whiting will come......... and you will catch plenty.

    I used to catch the train from brisbane to surfers, walk up to the spit, catch the water ferry over to wavebreak island and spend the day catching heaps and having fun practicing casting my flys.

    Now I haven't the time... ***reminisces of says as a Uni student****

    lol sigh

    Oh and on topic.... I taught myself to fly cast after receiving a 5 minute instruction from my local tackle store guy.
    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    In the early 60's Mr. Carter from Carters Fishing, Glenhuntly, Melb. organised a mob of his experienced clients to offer beginners classes on the dams on Caufield Racecourse during the winter.
    Bless those grand folk that are still with us, and those that aren't.
    One important thing they taught me, that I still pass on to learners, is to begin by standing sideways so the caster can see the fly on the backcast and see the exact moment to snap forward. Once proficincy has been gained you can stand however you like.

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    Re: Who tought you to fly cast?

    I was self taught like a lot of people here. I did learn a lot of subtleties via practicing landing a fly into a potplant in all sorts of positions after a few lousy days scaring the hell outa fish with bad methods.

    I suppose the biggest thing anyone will learn about fly casting is to dance with the cast, to move as smoothly as you want the fly to. All the crash and bang movements you make will result in less than perfect deliveries every time. Relax and flow with it and watch your strokes and timing.

    Some flyfishing requires no delicate presentation and if I was learning all over again I would avoid this style until ive mastered delivering a fly delicately. Once a bad habit is learnt it is with you for a very long time.


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