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    Smile New to fishing, location advice required please.

    Me and the missus are getting into fishing, just picked up two $25 rods from Rebel (I can feel the fish quaking in their fins at the prospect of me fishing ) and don't really know of any decent spots to go. We have fished in Botany Bay but all I caught was a fish about 5 inches long which was swimming close to the pier.

    I live in Caringbah and am more then happy to drive for an hour to get to a nice spot and I don't particularly want to have yet another fruitless fishing expedition so tips/pointers would be MUCH appreciated.

    I know how secretive some of you fishermen are with your spots, so maybe you could just PM one to me? I will probably go once a month at the most, so I won't hog all your fish .

    The spot I would like to fish is probably into a river (salt/fresh, doesn't matter), by standing on the bank. I am not a fan of fishing on rocks or on the sand into the waves, plus the rod I have probably couldn't handle anything other then fishing into a lake/river.

    I am also happy to drive to a nice location (a big lake somewhere maybe?) but I don't really know what stuff to take, although the fishing rod I bought came with sinkers, floaters, hooks, ?swivels?, lures etc.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Probably around the groynes over near the pumping jetty at Kernell. You could also try under the Cpt Cook Bridge but that gets crowded.

    Also ask the question over on Dedicated Sydneyites with lots of Botany Bay fishos there. Most of the people here are Qld fishos.

    Just tellem Pedro sent you. They will like that.
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