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    top photos well done

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    Nuffy- didn't clean fish at amity, I just go by the 4 day forecast chart and buoyweather.
    Devocean- glad you liked it as boy was it a lot of work!

    Had thursday fri sat up the reef and we got 6 spanish macks to 15kg some 5kg trout and some 5kg jacks and 7kg tuskies. Spent a lot of time taking pictures and soaking up the glass out conditions - magic. Pictures are just underwater snaps everyones seen dead fish so wont bother with them.
    Cheers all Doug

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    Re: Back into em on the coffee rocks

    Another one worth a peek even for those that have previously seen it.

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    Re: Back into em on the coffee rocks

    great.. what coffee rocks were they?

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    Re: Back into em on the coffee rocks

    im guessing it is off moreton now i read more of his posts..

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