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Thread: Where to wade

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    Where to wade

    With the arrival of a new child I'm a bit restricted on time available to get the boat on the water. As an alternative I'm looking at locations to get in a few quick hours of wading. Freshwater creeks, rivers etc where I can get a bit of exercise and have a bit of fun with fly or lure but not more than an one hours drive from Brisbane. Any suggestions?
    PS-I have reproduced this message in both the saltwater and flyfishing chat locations. If you have anything in these areas please let me know.

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    Re: Where to wade

    Good luck, hey it won't be long, and that little one will be out fishing with ya!! Depending on which part of Brisbane you live in, you could try the upper Brisbane River, or one of the closer dams ie Wivenhoe, Lake Samsonvale, Logan River. Nudgee Beach is good for a bit of whiting/flathead/tailor action, try the mouth of the Kedron Brook floodway on the sand spit. The sand there is nice enough for little ones to have a play with a bucket and spade, while you fish! We did that when our youngest was about 12 months. You get plenty of bites, and pull in the odd nice fish, and it is so close to town. Mostly you just feed fish, though, if you are using bait! Happy fishing!

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