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    Advice on Barra fishing in Cairns

    Hi There

    I am writing for some advice

    I am planning to bring my son (and the family) to Cains for a 18th Birthday Holiday

    I promised to take him anywhere in the World fishing for his 18th, and he has chosen Cains

    What I woulf like to know is what time of the year is best to visit. He is particularly interested in catching Barra but would also like to try his hand at some Reef fishing (variety is the spice of life)

    Any advice you can offer is VERY MUCH appreciated.

    Would are currently thinking of RVing it as this might offer us the best chance at a variety of locations and site seeing

    Best regards

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    Re:  Advice on Barra fishing in Cairns

    mate the best thing you could do is, when your in cairns pop into "Erskine's Tackle" and speak to Rob or Laurie,i'm sure the boys will be able to help you.
    also you could try
    also pop in to the "Fishing Reports" section on this board for a look at Les Marsh's latest mouth watering report from up the north!!!

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    Re:  Advice on Barra fishing in Cairns

    Big Thanks I will do - Does he have an email adrress ao I can pre-book some stuff

    Again a BIG thanks for your advice


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