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    Clarrie Hall Dam

    Going there for Easter.

    Understand it is electric only.

    Is it OK to have a petrol motor on the boat or does it have to be physically removed ?

    If the latter I'm stuffed !

    Advice, please from anyone who knows the situation there.



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    Re: Clarrie Hall Dam

    Sorry Graham,
    The petrol motor must be removed form the boat.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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    Re: Clarrie Hall Dam

    Thanks Aussiebasser, however, before I caught up with your reply I managed to contact the Tweed Council & their guy (the ranger ?) told me I was OK so long as I didn't have a petrol tank on board !

    So the boat & I had a wet weekend, managing a couple of sessions on the dam between family commitments. Fishing through the main part of the day on Saturday saw me score ten bass to 37 cm forklength. A final couple of hours on Monday gave me another three, again the biggest at 37 cm.

    Fish on the sounder were very few & far between & all our fish came on spinnerbaits thrown around the timber up some of the feeder arms entering the main basin.


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    Re: Clarrie Hall Dam

    GrahamW - no wonder you caught such good fish for Clarrie, it was your lucky weekend.
    Petrol motors on boats at Clarrie are a NO-NO. I'm on the Dam Management Committee and fish Clarrie a fair bit, I had to buy a second boat so I could fish it (cant get motor off my Hornet, centre consul) wouldnt matter if I took fuel tank out or prop off.
    Rang Ranger tonight, he confirmed he did not speak to anybody and was very definite no outboards allowed on boats. He is leaving the job shortly, maybe you spoke to the new Ranger, hope his work improves

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    Re: Clarrie Hall Dam

    If I get similar advice in future I will make sure I get it in writing & the authority of the person giving it !

    What are the 'rules' at our other electric only venues (thinking Qld mainly) ?

    Also, is there any logic that suggests having a petrol motor attached to a boat, but not being used, is 'bad' or worse than no motor at all ?

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    Re: Clarrie Hall Dam

    You would need to check with the authority on each location, in some cases the law says that the use of a petrol motor is not allowed. They would not have any authority to make you take the motor off the boat, as long as you do not use it you are following the letter of the law.

    On electric only dams allowing a petrol motor on the boat for use in emergencies only could save lives.

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