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Thread: shrimp

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    whats the best bait for shrimp???

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    Re: shrimp

    G'day shrimpy.
    There are a few good baits for shrimp.
    For freshwater shimp, I've had most success using either a fatty offcut from a barbie chop, bacon, liver and/or a few gumleaves.

    For salty shrimp, either some bread soaked in tuna oil, fish frames or liver again.

    You can buy a cheap aerator for about $10 at most fishing tackle outlets that will keep shrimp alive in your bucket whilst fishing, but for long periods, it's best to keep them in a fishtank.

    Cheers, Slates

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    Re: shrimp

    hi im actually prawn fishing in the brisbane river what sort of bait should i be using and what sort of time?

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    Re: shrimp

    the best bait for shrimp i would have to say kangaroo meat or normal meat will do .go to your local bucher for left over meat dont cook it put it in the trap raw.hope this helps

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    Re: shrimp

    ??? ??? You can trap salt water prawns?? ??? ???

    Please explain!!

    Also would a mesh trap (like a saltwater baitfish trap) be effective in the trapping of freshwater shrimps?

    I have found the sbest bait for trapping shrimps is a dead carp We got two shrimps in 3 days using steak, bacon and sangas then we finally caught a carp (on one of the shrimp) and put it in the trap, a couple of hours later we had heaps of shrimps!!


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    Re: shrimp

    Howdi shrimpy
    If you get stuck with out any biat for your traps, try soap it really does work. But the best bait that I have ever used is the left overs from a baked or bbq chook.Freeze it and than take with you on the next trip.
    cheers Doug 8)

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    Re: shrimpy

    Hi Shrimp

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    Re: shrimp

    Hi Shrimpy I have tryed Raw Mullet fillets,Fish frams & heads, raw pork mince,
    Raw peeled Potato,Dry Cat food,and have had success with all of them . At some time in freash water if the shrimp are there to be caught! good luck Harrya

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    Re: shrimp

    As Bribie Doug said soap is as good as anything.
    When nothing else is available you can use gum leaves.

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    Re: shrimp

    hi shrimpy the best bait is yellowbelly scraps

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    Re: shrimp

    For the chap who uses dead carp as bait for shrimp............



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    Re: shrimp

    Is it illegal? I don't think so. Atleast not in NSW. You just can't use fish including carp as a Live bait in NSW freshwater.

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    Re: shrimp


    As Bassmansrc said it is only illigal to use them as livebait or to release them back into the river live and trust me THEY WEREN'T STILL MOVING!!!


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    Re: shrimp

    Rumpig & Bassmansrc!

    Sorry guys....... i hate to tell you, but.......


    I quote here from the Queensland Government Primary Industries Fishing in Queensland Book, Second Edition page 17, information on noxious species (which carp is)....

    Quote " Carp are a listed noxious species in Queensland. This means it is unlawful to possess live carp or use them as bait, ALIVE or DEAD!"

    Stop using them....... ???

    Hope this helps........... lol

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    Re: shrimp

    Oh yeah, and what does it say about NSW and Vic ???
    Banana benders do some funny things at times (like supporting the reds and maroons )

    That law is obviously to stop people from carting carp around the place to use as bait JUST IN CASE!


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