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    Qld's Bass to Barra Trail

    Good news for freshwater fishos several of the freshwater lakes Bjelke-Peterson, Boondooma, Cania, Monduran, Awoonga and Fairburn have got together and are producing a book on the fishing and facilities available at each of these areas. The idea to give anglers some idea what they can expect at each lake so as they can plan a fishing holiday with a chance of catching several different species of fish that the lakes have to offer. If all goes the book will be available early in the new year.

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    Re:  Qld's Bass to Barra Trail

    Hi Foxie,
    Merv mentioned the group marketting idea by the tourist parks when I was up there for the comp recently.

    A great idea and a good way to try to get some of the anglers away from the heavily fished SEQ lakes.

    Good luck with it to all involved.


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