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    I was just wondering if I could get a report on how the fishing has been going in the dam. As we are coming up in two weeks.

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    Hey Ian,
    Mate this week the barra are really on the chew with most anglers getting 5 fish plus a day and even the danglers {dum anglers]are catching them. A lot of rats around the 60 -70cm but also some good metre plus stuff. The shallow bays are again fishing well but as the water in them warm up the fish will move out into the deeper cooler waters. Have a look at the Monduran report on this page or page 2 on the best way to target barra here.
    Cheers Foxie

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    foxie, is night fishing for barra a good option when fishing in Monduran dam, or is it best through the day light hours

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    Night fishing is a great optoin and for bit more fun.try using suface lures.The days are becoming shorter and a little bit cooler so daytime fishing is now more a full day on the water with some of the best catches happening from 11am - 2 pm and on into the evening.
    Cheers Foxie

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