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Thread: tinaroo redclaw

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    s like? Might be heading out for a 3 day mission next month.

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    tinaroo redclaw

    Does anyone know if there are many redclaw being caught in Tinaroo these days?

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    Re: tinaroo redclaw

    Its a black hole......................
    go in one and you pop out in the other

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    Re: tinaroo redclaw

    what stretch of the condamine ya gunna be fishin (warick,pittworth millmerin)you get my point yaramolong wier is basically drie and cesil plains will be pretty much the same the stretch that runs through bowenville(oakey creek) is still full of water


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    Re: tinaroo redclaw

    Around Surat yellowbelly & the odd cod being caught on bait,about 3 inches of visiblity, best it has been for about 8 years


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    Re: tinaroo redclaw

    Just got back. There aren't too many around and they are deep. Try at least 15 feet as a starter and go deeper. We didn't get two many, just over a bucketfull but there were some pretty big ones in amongst them. Thsi big fella here managed to get my daughter to crawl for the first time, and on Fathers day!!
    The dam is still cold, around 21 degrees and no Barra were landed

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    Re: tinaroo redclaw

    Thanks Daintree boy. I'm heading up there with the tribe in a couple of weeks time and I havn't been up there for a while.

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