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    barramundi at monduran

    just wondering if anyone has a recent report on Lake Monduran, I am intending to go to the fishing comp in early October and I am curious about the barra, do they catch them in the metre plus range, or are the most caught there under a metre.

    Regards Woodsy

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    took me mate adam to the dam on friday to catch his first barra.
    most barra are around 70 to 90cm long but you can latch onto some 120s at times.


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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Thank's Dan,

    What would you recomend for lure types? and is october a good time to fish the dam, also is night time a good option at this dam.


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    Re: #barramundi at monduran

    Woodsy.... October & November would be the best months to fish Monduran.... Last year a lot of big fish caught ...90cm plus. For some reason the big fish have been elusive for the last 5 months or so... and its only a mater of time before the big ones come out and start wrecking some Egoes and fishing tackle.... last October , November it fished good.Night time is OK. But they Bite in cycles.... ya just have to be there when they come on the prod. # This one was caught just as the sun went down on a new moon in November.

    Lures that work in Monduran.... probably just about all the normal stuff work...
    Lurs that have worked for us are the Halco 125 mm Scorpions, Reidy B52, Arafua Barra from Lively lures, DK Scale Raiser, Koolabung Bony, a few home made jobs. and a heap more others.... and the soft plastics have claimed a few as well
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    Cheers Les

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Woodsy was there last weekend and raised a lot of fish round the 70-80 cm mark but heard from good source one over the metre taken..

    I believe you will find that night fishing is out for the family classic in Oct for insurance reasons

    Darryl L

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Thanks, Les and Darryl for the tip's sound's like it is a good time of the year to be going there. We intend to go in early November as well, I am taking my old man to to see if he can catch his first ever barra. I am pretty sure that the new moon is in that first week of November also, here's hopeing we can do as well as you did Les.

    Thank's Woodsy

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Guys Pegasus - Ausfish Member is up there this weekend will no doubt have a report that he will post on his return. Will keep ya posted !

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Thank's Norm I look forward to hearing the report, also can't wait for this wind here in Brisbane to stop it been blowing like crazy all weekend. typically it will stop just in time to return to work.

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    Re:  barramundi at monduran

    Oh how correct you are Woodsy! Me I am here doing nothing more than Tafe Assignments and wearing off the flu after a week off. You watch Seabreeze says this week will get fine and calm - me I have to work - Yet have had the last week off! Murphies Law kicking in there I think.
    Just hope the winds down next Sunday will be diving the HMAS Brissy and dont want a spewy surface interval
    If pegasus doesnt post I will let ya know anyhoo - think he is home late tonight!

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