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    Monduran Rocks!

    What a blast! Arrived Sat 22nd, was stinkin hot while we set up camp, sweat drippn off us! #
    The weather arrived next with lots of grey and black clouds and wind. I swear it followed us all the way from N.S.W.
    Didn't deter us though and off we went to catch our first Barra. First session we got 2 to the net Those suckers go like missiles when you show em a lure and pull like nothin i've ever caught! Very addictive fish those Barra!
    Weather didn't improve much for the rest of the week and cooled the water down, but just found a bay out of the wind and we seemed to find a fish or two. Averaged 2 & sometimes 3 fish per session although working hard for them, it kept us interested. Although no big barra, our fish ranged from 71 to 76.5cms all week.
    My 12 year old son scored his first Barra too , although only small #at 59.5 cms, he done really well to get it to the net from amongst the sticks with light gear. The smile on his face went ear to ear.
    All said and done we really enjoyed ourselves, and will be back next year to have another crack at em.
    All the best to Rob & Kelly while they find thier feet.

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    Re: #Monduran Rocks!

    # #Good to hear someone is amongst them as quite a few people are still struggling to see their first , even the locals.
    Keep the kids involved as my girls love Barra fishing.
    We have been scoring up to 20 Barra a session but the numbers have declined to 1 up to 8 a session.
    The average size from what we have been scoring is around the 70 to late 80cm mark with the odd 90 to over the meter thrown in for that little bit more excitement.
    We boated a 1.29m about 2 weeks before the rain and lost 22 lures the same day to some horses and average sized one's. In the past 4 weeks we have hooked up to around 300 Barra and have only boated about 50 fish , this year would have to be the most active I have ever seen these fish act with bone jarring hook up's and high flying acrobatics.
    Keep up the good work. #

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    Re:  Monduran Rocks!

    Thanks for the reply Stillwater. Yeah, we had a great time up there. You blokes have got it pretty good in that part of the world. With such a great array of fishing options available, makes me green with envy
    Can't wait till next year.
    Cheers Peterr.

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