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    Stocked Impoundments Information

    Hi. This is my first attempt at a chat board so I hope someone can give me some information. I will be touring Nth Qld. during May & June and travelling as far north as Cooktown.
    Q. I am planning on fishing impoundments for the first time ever (I'am a salty). What dams are worth a go, Tinaroo is one that I plan to fish and are the barra. still likely to bite at this time of year, what sort of lures, bait & time of day is best?
    Any help and information will be appreciated.

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    Rebelone join the queue on the chat board lots of us joining I had to rejoin as I lost my ID and password after being on for quite some time. Checkout Borumba dam near Gympie, as a land based fisherman I was totally impressed when I threw a few jet spinners off the boat ramp between 11am and 2pm and nailed some terrific fish with a huge fight for their size around xmas time this was. maybe you should do some research on the Bass and Barra trail I'm sure you'll find it here in the freshwater chat to show you all the dams that you can visit and have a total blast doing the circuit!!! I will get back to you ASAP and let you know of a website you can check out to show you this TRAIL. and the hints and tips for it too.

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    Check at the local tackle shops or call one of the stocking groups. QDPI put out a neat little book called "Freshwater Fishing In Queensland" check this website It lists all the stocking groups for the various impoundments.
    Also be aware that most of them require you to hold a Stocked Impoundment Permit - also available online on the QDPI fisheries website.
    Good luck in the North.

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    G'day all, just joined. I live just north of Mackay and I like what I see on the boards.
    To rebelone, mate, if you want impoundment fishing, try Kinchant and Teemburra near Mackay and Peter Faust dam, at Proserpine, for barra. You might have to work harder as the fish shut-down in the cooler months. Try and find shallow water for best results.

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    all handy info above,
    june is much harder to catch a barra in a lake unless you've got the 'good oil' from the right bloke. Seasonal variations could make this easier or harder. each year is different. guides operate on many lakes and waterways if you are interested, myself included, lake awoonga. May is fine for barra, casting and trolling.
    Johnny M
    Lake Awoonga

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    Thanks heaps fellows for your replys, I realy appreciate any and all info. Just can't wait till May to get up there. Have allready started buying the lures ($200 WORTH THIS WEEKEND)hope the misses doesn't find out. Mainly Laser Pros, classic barra &B52s as reading some of the other topics on this site they seem to be the popular ones. Couldn't find any "fizzers" whats a fizzer anyhow?

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    Fizzers is a term used to describe a variant of topwater lures. They are a surface lure that have blades , they float and are worked across the surface. They are also known as wood choppers, and include lures such as the Bills Bug. There are many different types, with different characteristics.

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    Re: Stocked Impoundments Information

    Well found you subject.
    Thanks for information will catch you up somewhere up north
    Fish for the future, enjoy the present but think of your children.

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