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    Simple Question?

    Hi All,

    My first ever post in Freshwater, so please be gentle with me

    I was just wondering why Somerset allows combustion engines while Wivenhoe doesn't. Since they're part of the same catchment (as far as I understand it), why is it ok in one and not the other? Wouldn't pollution be of equal concern, or is there another reason I'm not aware of?


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    Re: Simple Question?

    Something i have often wondered about as well
    Correct me if i am wrong but doesnt Somerset run into Wivenhoe, so if it does any pollutants would end up down there as well wouldnt you think?

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    Re: Simple Question?

    To my understanding its because of the following reason.

    Wivenhoe is a town water supply, and therefor they dont let combustion motors on...same as hinze, clarrie hall, and a few others...

    But Someret is more for irrigation, so the pollution factor is not as much of a concern. therefor they let combustion motors on, same as maroon, moogerah and the like.

    Even though somerset does flow into wivenhoe, i think the pollution (if any) would be distilled (diluted) enough to not cause concern....I THINK!

    And the 2 dams are fed by 2 different rivers...whether that has anything to do with it I am not sure.

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    Re: Simple Question?

    More political than anything else.

    The amount of polution from outboards in Somerset would not be detectable.


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    Re: Simple Question?

    Yes political, but often it is also to do with the structural strength of the dams themselves, and potential erosion. (Because of the wash from the high speeds)

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    Re: Simple Question?

    Gee the dams walls must be very dicky if the wash from boats can damage them.

    There would be far more erosion done by wind generated waves than any amount of boats. #Just have a look at Somerset where it's easy to see where the water level held for a period of time due to the erosion by mother nature.

    Some of the reasons for banning powerboats are just plain ludicrous.

    At one stage, a reason for not allowing boat access to lake Samsonvale was that all the paddling and electric motors would stir up the water too much.

    I've yet to hear a reason (backed by proven facts) why power boats are not allowed on Wivenhoe dam.


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    Re: Simple Question?

    How about coz they dont like em! and stop nagging you naughty little fellow or they will send you to your room! (Well I feel like I am being treated like a 4 year old at times by the powers that be, dont you?)

    But seriously they get some wierd ideas at times. For instance at Baroon you cant use lead sinkers coz they are worried your odd bust up is gunna contaminate the dam. They also wont let electric canoes on the lake, in case you tip it over and drop your batteries in the drink.

    Myself I just shake my head, and abide by the rules. It could be worse, they could ban use altogether.

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